Tuesday, October 19, 2010

To Do Lists

To say I'm busy would be an understatement. Between being out of town last weekend and preparing for that, changing jobs, football season, and just life in general, I feel like I don't have time to get anything done.

Enter to-do lists. Does anyone else have a to-do list that is 8 miles long? When I make my to do list, it's basically a brain dump onto paper in list form. I start out with an attempt at organizing the list, but really by the time I hit #33 on the list, I'm just writing stuff that needs to get done. How do you to-do list? Do you keep your lists separate? All 1 list? A mental list? Do you cross off as you go? There is nothing as satisfying to me as crossing things off a to-do list. When I was working as a personal assistant, my boss used to tease me because I wrote every little thing down only for the gratification of crossing it off. Whatever, if it keeps me motivated then I keep doing it!

Here's a little snippet of today's to-do list for you:

If you need a translation, that says:
- read camera manual
- deodorant
- Halloween costume
- dust (in preparation for leaving AGAIN for the weekend)
- sew camera strap cover
- sew wine koozies
- sew case from Corie
- bday card for Dad
- clean freezer
- filing
- pick up books at library
- bake for Clemson
- wipers to Lauren

It's going against every single grain in my body to not explain each of those in further detail but I'm going to leave it at that.

Except 1. I do not need new deodorant. I am wearing deodorant. I do not stink. I'm going to go cross more things off my list now.

PS - Yep, making lists is a hobby of mine. What of it?


  1. Ahh the pouch thing is so cool! I'm going to make a longer, shorter one for pens! And another for hair ties... and one for baby socks, and another for other things! I'm going to sew pouches forever.

  2. I love making to-do lists also! I spend more time making them than I do completing the tasks on them!