Thursday, October 21, 2010

Top Ten Thursday -- Halloween Edition

I love my clothes, I really do. But if you are looking for a girl who wears sexy, short, revealing articles of clothing, look elsewhere. I'm pretty sure I lost a boyfriend because of my lacking cleavage, and I know for sure in college I had numerous friends make fun of me for wearing a Polo sweater out to the bar on a Thursday night. Whatever, I'm comfortable in what I'm comfortable in and that is that. But now that Halloween is right around the corner, I get all preoccupied thinking of ways that I can finagle my way out of wearing a sexy elf costume. It's just not for me. And it's for everyone's benefit, I swear.

1. An M&M -- oversized tshirt in your preferred color with an M painted on the front, leggings & shoes

You get the point...
2. A referee -- referee shirt, spandex or gym shorts, tights, and tennis shoes. Don't forget your whistle!
3. A bumblebee -- black leggings, oversized yellow top, black electrical tape, a black headband & some pipecleaners. Could also be ladybug, subbing oversized red top for yellow one.
4. A shacker -- boxers, an oversize tshirt, high heels in hand, and smeared makeup.
5. An aerobics instructor -- bathing suit or leotard, sweatbands, leggings, scrunchy socks, and sneakers.
6. A cowgirl -- boots, overalls & a wifebeater. Maybe a cowboy hat? Maybe not.
7. Barbie -- all pink everything, poofed up hair, perhaps a Ken accessory?
8. Catholic school girl -- plaid skirt, tights, white button up, heels, tall white socks. You could turn it into a couple costume by adding a priest!
9. A nurse -- hello SCRUBS!!! AND SNEAKERS!!! And you could snag yourself a McSteamy to dress up with you!
10. My top-secret Halloween 2010 costume. You'll have to wait & find out!

Anyone have any other great costume ideas that don't require a) lots of effort and b) lots of skin? Do share!

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