Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rainy Wednesday

How to spend a rainy Wednesday night, version Katie: 

The giant mess I created in an attempt to "clean up" and cross things off my to do list. Does this happen to anyone else, or am I special? And, yes those are my clean clothes drying in the middle of our dining room, and my sewing machine on top of the dining room table. I work with the space I am given. I am the epitome of flexible, after all.

First up, camera strap cover with elephant fabric. In hindsight, this was really quite terrible fabric for this project, but I was a woman on a mission and I'll be damned if I was going to admit I was wrong change my mind. Remember, epitome of flexible.

You can't really see it, like, at all, but that's the finished product. And most of my bathroom. Welcome to my home, interwebz. Also please note the unpainted fingernails.

Oh, what's up Lincoln Park After Dark? My sister took too long eating her dinner so I painted my fingernails while she picked and poked and finished. Then I made a little pouchy thing. Again, poor choice of fabric and really poor planning when cutting. It's fine, I'm practicing. I can't be perfect allllllll the time.

Oh, filled it up with stuff! Medicines & cough drops & chapsticks. This sucker is never leaving my purse. I also have plans to show any/everyone who will look. Sorry coworkers old & new, you are obligated to compliment my barely-there sewing skills.

Oh hello senor elefante. I hope you enjoy life at the bottom of my purse, and if you don't, well you better get used to it. It's where you belong, crooked seams & all.

PS - I'd say I can officially claim sewing as a hobby, don't you? 


  1. Yes, you are most definitely a seamstress! I have a sewing machine but no idea how to use it. I really want to learn, but it all seems so intimidating!

  2. hooow did you make that little pouch?! so cute!!