Friday, June 22, 2012

Sleep cycle

Ya'll, I gotta tell you. I'm addicted to apps. Every time someone talks about a new app, I immediately download it. And like I have said a hundred times, I'll buy anything for less than a buck! So of course when one of my friends told me about Sleep Cycle I knew I had to have it. 

Basically you set an alarm, but the app determines the best time to wake you up in a 30 minute range. Then, upon waking it shows you this handy dandy chart to see exactly how you are sleeping.

I happened to capture this screenshot after a night when I got in a fight with and then resolved said fight with my best friend, hence the 2am bedtime. What can I say, late night fights are my M.O.

But seriously, I knew I got pretty crap sleep due to said argument, but having this little graph to show me just exactly how terrible Wednesday was going to be was awesome. What I really like is that I can compare, I can see how adjusting my bedtime routines affects my sleep, etc.

Have you seen this app? Do you use it? Please tell me I'm not alone in my "will buy anything less than a dollar" habit...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happiness still can't be found at the grocery store...

I'm not sure when it happened, but it has. Now, instead of feeling instant happiness for my friends as they start new relationships, buy houses, move in with significant others, travel places I've never been, get engaged, have children, move to new cities, etc, I feel jealous.

I wonder why those things aren't happening to me. I wonder what I did wrong, what I could have done differently...if I hadn't gone to Spain, would I still be in love with someone who wasn't in love with me (but I thought I didn't care)? If I hadn't been a total lush, would that 1 guy I met at that 1 bar that 1 night 3 years ago have worked out? If I hadn't waited for the 'right' job and instead just accepted any job, would I be in a different place?

I've written before about happiness, and how there isn't a limited supply. It's not an item on the shelf in a grocery store. My friends, the people I love and care about more than anything, can be happier than they have ever been and it doesn't mean that I too can't experience the same feelings at the exact same time.

So now I need to figure out how to shake this 'tude. Deep down I am truly happy for my friends, excited for them, and want nothing but the best, and I want to be able to convey that instead of forcing a smile while thinking, "man, why isn't that me?"

I am going to try really, really hard to turn my attitude around. It's not going to be easy. I'm going to fail at it miserably sometimes. I just have to keep remembering that we can all be happy together. We can all have great things happen to us at the same time. One is not exclusive of the other.

But seriously, when is it going to be my turn?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A tour of Australia via my iPhone

Survival guide


Good morning Cairns

Kangaroo friends

Koala friends. Lots of marsupial friends.

Good afternoon, Australia from 300 ft in the sky

The 12 Apostles. Fun fact, there aren't actually 12 of them.

Surprise surprise, I found a Mexican joint in Melbourne.

This giraffe has arguably the best views in all of Sydney

NBD, just hiked a mountain, saw a lighthouse and took pictures at the top

Then we had beer at lunch and more wine when we got home and then this happened. Accidentally drunk at 6:30pm.

Bondi --> Bronte

More Bondi --> Bronte. dying to go back.

Sydney Harbour Bridge at dusk from the ferry in the middle of the harbour.


And a few fun facts I learned each day:

5/5/2012 - The Great Barrier Reef is the only living organism that you can see from the moon.

5/6/2012 - Beef jerky is not permitted entry into Australia, unless accompanied by an import permit. Unpopped popcorn (eg. microwave popcorn) is not permitted entry into Australia and must be destroyed.

5/7/2012 - There are more kangaroos than people in Australia. (Thank you crazy lady who owns a kangaroo skin shop)

5/8/2012 - Crocodiles and Pythons are cannibalistic.

5/9/2012 - "Bogan" is the slang Australian word for "Red Necks"

5/10/2012 - Koalas can only be held for 30 minutes a day, and only 180 minutes a week.
5/11/2012 - Although they are called the 12 Apostles, there are many more than 12 of them (and they were originally called the Sow and her Piglets but I guess that sounded too lame for the Aussies)

5/12/2012 - In Australia, instead of saying "You're welcome" the appropriate response is "No worries." My goal is to speak like a native by the time we leave, Amanda's goal is probably to disown me. She's not loving my Aussie lingo.

5/13/2012 - Mother's Day is the same in Australia as it is in the US... today!

5/14/2012 - The Tasmanian devil is the only carnivorous marsupial.

5/15/2012 - Only ~35% of Australia's beaches are accessible by car.

5/16/2012 - Kings Cross (the red light district in Sydney) is home to the largest Coca-Cola sign in the Southern Hemisphere.

5/17/2012 - Australians are some of the most politically incorrect people I have ever spoken to. Particularly after a few beers.