Friday, September 26, 2014

A different kind of #100happydays, #100kinddays

I've been a shitty friend lately. It's been lingering in the back of my mind but not too long ago, I confronted myself and decided to do something about it.

As I was pondering writing a whole post about the crappy things I've done and the unfortunate things I've said, I stumbled across a post written by an old college friend, Matt.

I read Matt's blog whenever he posts the link on Facebook, and every time I read it, his words strike a chord with me. This time was no different. His most recent post reminded me that I have the power to change the behaviors in me that I don't like. I have the power to be the person I want to be, I just have to choose to do so. We choose our adventures and the people we become, and sometimes you choose wrong.

As of this week, there are ~100 days left in 2014, and on each remaining day, I've committed to doing or saying something kind to someone different. This project is in part my apology to the world, and in part a journey to go back to the person I want to be, a reminder that being a kind, thoughtful, generous person is who I am. I'm jumping in, eyes wide open, and I know I'll be a better person for doing so.

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? 

If you could make good on something you've neglected over the past year, what would you do? 

If you could dramatically increase the progress of a project, why not do it now?

If you want to join in, let Matt know here. The more the merrier, and in fact the better.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fresh Harvest: My New Favorite Thing!

A few weeks ago my blog friend Whitney posted about Fresh Harvest, and I knew I had to try it. Fresh Harvest is like a CSA, but seriously, seriously better. In fact, I'm now on my fourth delivery, and I can't imagine that I will end my subscription any time soon. 

Here's a peek into what I got in my first order: 

I scheduled my delivery for Tuesdays, and the Friday before I get an email reminding me to update my basket to ensure that I am getting only things that I want or like. +1 Fresh Harvest. No bananas or tomatoes for this girl!

On Tuesday, the basket shows up at my house (but you can choose to have it delivered somewhere else if you want!), and I leave the old one for them to pick up. This is what the "basket" looks like. It's really a tub, which is neat because the excitement of opening it... it's like Christmas morning. My concierge even looks forward to the deliveries now, because they love to see all the goodies that come!

2 pound of green beans! Fresh squeezed apple juice! A bunch of kale! Apples and oranges galore!


 Sea Salt Banner Butter! NY Strip Steak! Eggs, onion, peaches, zucchini, bacon, strawberries...!!!!!

And of course, no grocery trip order would be complete without a new canister of grits. I haven't dug into these babies yet, but I have a recipe brewing that I think may come out this weekend!

All of that produce, meat, eggs, and grains for $68. And the best part, I didn't have to lift a finger, go to the grocery store, or do anything other than click a few buttons on the internet. Worth every single penny of that $68. 

So that's it! I've been overly impressed with the produce, the meat, and the customer service. I posted a picture on Instagram and one of my classmates commented that he found the produce to go bad quickly, but I've had the opposite experience. I find it stays fresh much longer (I keep it all in the refrigerator)

Every week, the team has new products available for purchase and I'm so excited to already be on board. Next week I have grouper, crab, and a whole bunch more green beans on the way. I see a seafood smorgasbord in my future and I am sure it will be amazing! 

PS: I wasn't paid or in any way compensated to write this. I'm just a big fan, and hope you will become one too! 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Grownups doing grownup things!

Life has been really funny lately. It has a way of making you feel like you may still be 21 years old, and simultaneously helping you feel like the most responsible adult in the world. 

There's been a little spat between some friends and it's all settled in the dust now, but not without choice words being spoken and feelings being hurt. Earlier this week I was just fed up, and I said so. Like a grown-up, I voiced my concern and basically told my friends to stop acting like fools. It took a few days, but everyone came around and one big ol' burly dude even sent me an apology. It might have said "sorry I had my head up my ass" but hey... an apology is an apology, and to me that's a really grownup move. 

I also (finally) procured renter's insurance. Don't worry, I've only been living uninsured in my condo for 5 years, but the time is here. I also started meeting with a financial planner. I don't have a lot, but I want to make sure that I am doing the right thing with the money that I do have. He's been helpful in making my finances very tactical - put x% in your 401k, put another x% into a Roth IRA, and have $x in your checking account at all times. 

Things at work are also taking a change for the positive. I was frustrated for the better part of this year, and when I finally spoke up and voiced my concerns, it was a matter of weeks and things have changed dramatically. The biggest change I have noticed? My own attitude. I've spent hours and hours detailing out why and how much I love my job, and that hasn't changed, but my overall satisfaction with my role within a team, my career potential, and the trajectory I was on was changing. Whining about it to all the people who couldn't do anything didn't get me anywhere, so I finally owned up to my own frustrations and met with a few people who could help me. And they did! I walked away from those conversations feeling empowered and appreciated, and my general work ethic has improved as a result. I wasn't slacking before, but there does seem to be a little more pep in my step!