Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fresh Harvest: My New Favorite Thing!

A few weeks ago my blog friend Whitney posted about Fresh Harvest, and I knew I had to try it. Fresh Harvest is like a CSA, but seriously, seriously better. In fact, I'm now on my fourth delivery, and I can't imagine that I will end my subscription any time soon. 

Here's a peek into what I got in my first order: 

I scheduled my delivery for Tuesdays, and the Friday before I get an email reminding me to update my basket to ensure that I am getting only things that I want or like. +1 Fresh Harvest. No bananas or tomatoes for this girl!

On Tuesday, the basket shows up at my house (but you can choose to have it delivered somewhere else if you want!), and I leave the old one for them to pick up. This is what the "basket" looks like. It's really a tub, which is neat because the excitement of opening it... it's like Christmas morning. My concierge even looks forward to the deliveries now, because they love to see all the goodies that come!

2 pound of green beans! Fresh squeezed apple juice! A bunch of kale! Apples and oranges galore!


 Sea Salt Banner Butter! NY Strip Steak! Eggs, onion, peaches, zucchini, bacon, strawberries...!!!!!

And of course, no grocery trip order would be complete without a new canister of grits. I haven't dug into these babies yet, but I have a recipe brewing that I think may come out this weekend!

All of that produce, meat, eggs, and grains for $68. And the best part, I didn't have to lift a finger, go to the grocery store, or do anything other than click a few buttons on the internet. Worth every single penny of that $68. 

So that's it! I've been overly impressed with the produce, the meat, and the customer service. I posted a picture on Instagram and one of my classmates commented that he found the produce to go bad quickly, but I've had the opposite experience. I find it stays fresh much longer (I keep it all in the refrigerator)

Every week, the team has new products available for purchase and I'm so excited to already be on board. Next week I have grouper, crab, and a whole bunch more green beans on the way. I see a seafood smorgasbord in my future and I am sure it will be amazing! 

PS: I wasn't paid or in any way compensated to write this. I'm just a big fan, and hope you will become one too! 

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