Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brief Book Review: The Help

After my post about a book club, some friends got together and decided to make it a reality! We haven't had our first meeting of the minds yet, but our first book was The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I took it with me to the beach this past weekend, and FLEW through it, and loved it. When I really love a book, I want it to last forever. I want to know what happens after the book ends.

That's what happened with The Help. Without giving anything away, and without ruining my potential first book club experience, I want to know what happens to Skeeter. And what does Aibileen do now? And does Minny actually do what she said she was going to? Do you think Miss Hilly ever gets over herself? And what does Mae Mobley become? Does she even remember Aibileen, like Skeeter remembers Constantine?

I don't know if this has happened before, but I also wish there was an alternate ending. One where Stuart gets past his prejudices. One where Skeeter can be happy in Mississippi. One where Skeeter & Aibileen & Minny & maybe even Mrs. Leefolt go out for lunch once a week. Is that too much to ask, Miss Stockett? Could you please write me a whole 'nother book to enjoy?

Anyway, I highly recommend the book. Perhaps it's because in a small way I felt like I could relate, being a former-current-wannabe nanny/personal assistant type person and all. Perhaps it's because I know what it's like to live in the South (although not in the same era, duh). Or perhaps it's because I am just a total bookworm with an appreciation for good writing!

What are you reading, and how is it?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Food Bloggers!

I woke up this morning, and after a few other things, I thought about the massive number of food blogs that I read (listed below) and thought to myself, "katie...these people have mastered the art of eatingwhatsleftinthepantry so why can't you?" Granted, I keep my pantry pretty well stocked. I did go 6 weeks without going to the grocery store, after all. But I find myself buying more of the same and not eating that new food I thought I wanted 2 weeks ago. Dangit.

So today I challenged myself to eat up everything I have in my pantry and in my fridge, and try to make exciting new stuff. Like today, I had some avocados... so I made guacamole. And I ate it with some spinach thats probably going to go bad soon, and some potentially moldy goat cheese (I used it up, and just figured a little dirt got in there, NBD), and some sunflower seeds, and some dried cranberries (leftover from making my own granola). And a grapefruit (leftover from the beach). And that was lunch today. Lunch tomorrow will probably be more of the same, as long as I am alive tomorrow after eating moldy goat cheese today.

But anyway, I challenge you, too, to eatwhatsleftinthepantry week/month/year. That will probably turn into eatwhatsleftinthepantry,fridge,andfreezer for me, but it will be done!

And now, for my favorite food bloggers! (in the order that they appear in my Google Reader)

oh she glows! - lots of running/biking inspiration!
the fitnessista - she's funny and fun and a GA girl!
kath eats real food - very outdoorsy, i dig it!
whole foods story - i just love all the tips and recipes
gourmet mom on the go - great ideas for stuff to do while babysitting!
bakerella - um yum.
choosing raw - i'm not a raw foodist nor do i strive to be, but still very interesting and informative information about food!
eat live run - one of my faves; southern girl transplanted to california and really trying to live her dream. plus she gets to drink great wine and eat great food!
just cook already - a collaborative blog started by a former volleyball teammate. i've gotten some GREAT! recipes from these ladies :)
pioneerwoman - duh.
real simple daily recipe - some are good, some are great, some suck. just depends.
smittenkitchen - really yummy recipes, and her little boy is maybe the cutest little dude i've ever seen. that hair, and those dimples!
the garlic goddess - great recipes, and they are all veggie-friendly!

Like I said.. I'm a little bit obsessed. This doesn't include any of the design, fashion, or local blogs I read, and definitely doesn't include all my other friends who blog! But... they are the food blogs that I am most dedicated to.

Any suggestions? Did I miss someone? I'm always interested in adding new reading material (clearly I don't have enough) so drop me a line if you think there is another blog out there that I am meant to unite with!

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 16, 2010


This weekend I am heading to the beach!!!!! I am so excited for my first beach trip of the season! We're leaving this afternoon and coming home late late Sunday evening and I seriously couldn't be more excited. I'll miss my friends and this weekend's plans (FREAKNIK ANYONE?!?!?!?) but the beach is well worth it.

I love the beach because:
  • Not that I wear makeup much in the first place, but I feel NO obligation to put on makeup or do my hair or primp in any way shape or form!
  • Seafood, 'nuff said
  • I will never forget a volleyball teammate when I was 16 telling me that she just "feels better about herself when she is tan" and I have to say for me that is a lot true. I LOVE THE SUN (and using sunscreen, of course!)
  • It is a great excuse to spend an entire day reading
  • The sounds of the ocean are so soothing... I mean they pale in comparison to falling asleep to the sounds of 75/85 but such are the sacrifices I make!
  • SUN SUN SUN! Exercising in it, sleeping in it, reading it in, swimming in it, everything! I love the sun!
  • Staying up late watching crummy movies and sleeping in late while the sun peeks through the curtains. Waking up at the beach is the best.
  • Running on the beach, or along it!
So, my friends, hasta la pasta! Enjoy your weekends, and I will thoroughly enjoy mine. Anyone else beach-bound?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Lately, my dreams have been scattered and real. Random things pulled from my day-to-day life combined with my fears (both realistic and not) making my dreams far more close to reality than I would prefer.

So I have decided to delve into the world of dream analysis. I'm not a firm believer, but there has to be some deeper meaning. Today I have to pick up small people and I am on a tight schedule... of course last night I dreamed that I forgot about them until 7:30pm when I have been told numerous times they need to be picked up promptly at 3:30pm. That's a no-brainer, I'm clearly nervous about getting the small peeps on time.

However, it's the other dreams, the ones involving high school peers I haven't seen in 5+ years, the ones involving strange places I have never been, and the ones that just altogether don't make sense that have made me want to start "figuring out" my dreams.

Does anyone else have recurring dreams? I've had this one dream ever since I was a kid, and it floats in and out of my dream world every few years, but it NEVER FAILS to leave me wide awake in the middle of the night profusely sweating and completely panicked.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share a couple of websites (because that's as far as my research has gotten) that seem to be pretty legit/the first ones that Google came up with!

1. www.dreammoods.com
2. www.sleeps.com
3. www.thecuriousdreamer.com

Anyone else have any particularly great resources for dream analysis? I'm not going to weigh myself down with this, but I thought it might be interesting to do a little bit of self-exploration!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today I am BLAH.

stuffed up, sick, don't feel good and grumpy. I'm a horrible sick person. My mother, friends, and exboyfriend will happily testify to this. I want 24/7 attention and love. I rarely get sick, so I feel my wants are justified, although rarely fulfilled. So today, I am at work and the above picture is what my desk looks like. Everyone wants to be around me. Not.

So tonight, I am going to cancel all plans, and instead I am going to go home, put on my most comfortable pajamas I can think of, and snuggle under my covers. I'm not going to do the taxes I have been avoiding, or clean the apartment that so desperately needs it. Instead I am going to rest and relax and sleep. Boo on being sick.

But if you want to step in... there is a ZTA alumni event at Art & Soul in North Buckhead, there is a wine tasting at Figs n Honey, and many other things to occupy your non-sickly Thursday evening. Enjoy.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Veg!

Happy Easter! Easter to me means family, food, church, bunnies, baby chicks, and all things green. In honor of all things green, I thought I would let ya'll know about possibly my favorite restaurant ever. Bold statement, I know, but you'll see why. The restaurant is called Veggieland. Can you guess why? Yup, it's 100% vegan!
It's located in Buckhead, just off Pharr Road east of Peachtree Street. The restaurant seats about 20 people max, and they have a few tables outside for pretty days. They have a board at the front showing the specials for the day, and sweet Marie brings you a menu.
My recommendations are as follows, although I have never ordered a bad item myself nor has anyone I've ever dined there with.
1. Buddhist Delight - Pasta in a ginger & garlic sauce with all kinds of veggies
2. Steamed Broccoli - Sounds so simple, but it comes served with a side of their top-secret white sauce. To die for!
3. Rice Paper rolls - I like to get them with lettuce, guac, cucumbers and sunflower seeds. Totally customizable!
4. Chocolate Peanut Butter cake - My favorite dessert on the planet. Seriously, there is nothing better in all the world.
You can't go wrong with any of the salads, and really each menu item is completely customizable. They have tofu and quinoa, curry & veggieburgers, and everything in between. I've never had a bad experience, and the best part is that the food is SO reasonably priced for what you get!
Has anyone else ever been? What did you think?