Friday, April 16, 2010


This weekend I am heading to the beach!!!!! I am so excited for my first beach trip of the season! We're leaving this afternoon and coming home late late Sunday evening and I seriously couldn't be more excited. I'll miss my friends and this weekend's plans (FREAKNIK ANYONE?!?!?!?) but the beach is well worth it.

I love the beach because:
  • Not that I wear makeup much in the first place, but I feel NO obligation to put on makeup or do my hair or primp in any way shape or form!
  • Seafood, 'nuff said
  • I will never forget a volleyball teammate when I was 16 telling me that she just "feels better about herself when she is tan" and I have to say for me that is a lot true. I LOVE THE SUN (and using sunscreen, of course!)
  • It is a great excuse to spend an entire day reading
  • The sounds of the ocean are so soothing... I mean they pale in comparison to falling asleep to the sounds of 75/85 but such are the sacrifices I make!
  • SUN SUN SUN! Exercising in it, sleeping in it, reading it in, swimming in it, everything! I love the sun!
  • Staying up late watching crummy movies and sleeping in late while the sun peeks through the curtains. Waking up at the beach is the best.
  • Running on the beach, or along it!
So, my friends, hasta la pasta! Enjoy your weekends, and I will thoroughly enjoy mine. Anyone else beach-bound?

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