Monday, April 19, 2010

Food Bloggers!

I woke up this morning, and after a few other things, I thought about the massive number of food blogs that I read (listed below) and thought to myself, "katie...these people have mastered the art of eatingwhatsleftinthepantry so why can't you?" Granted, I keep my pantry pretty well stocked. I did go 6 weeks without going to the grocery store, after all. But I find myself buying more of the same and not eating that new food I thought I wanted 2 weeks ago. Dangit.

So today I challenged myself to eat up everything I have in my pantry and in my fridge, and try to make exciting new stuff. Like today, I had some avocados... so I made guacamole. And I ate it with some spinach thats probably going to go bad soon, and some potentially moldy goat cheese (I used it up, and just figured a little dirt got in there, NBD), and some sunflower seeds, and some dried cranberries (leftover from making my own granola). And a grapefruit (leftover from the beach). And that was lunch today. Lunch tomorrow will probably be more of the same, as long as I am alive tomorrow after eating moldy goat cheese today.

But anyway, I challenge you, too, to eatwhatsleftinthepantry week/month/year. That will probably turn into eatwhatsleftinthepantry,fridge,andfreezer for me, but it will be done!

And now, for my favorite food bloggers! (in the order that they appear in my Google Reader)

oh she glows! - lots of running/biking inspiration!
the fitnessista - she's funny and fun and a GA girl!
kath eats real food - very outdoorsy, i dig it!
whole foods story - i just love all the tips and recipes
gourmet mom on the go - great ideas for stuff to do while babysitting!
bakerella - um yum.
choosing raw - i'm not a raw foodist nor do i strive to be, but still very interesting and informative information about food!
eat live run - one of my faves; southern girl transplanted to california and really trying to live her dream. plus she gets to drink great wine and eat great food!
just cook already - a collaborative blog started by a former volleyball teammate. i've gotten some GREAT! recipes from these ladies :)
pioneerwoman - duh.
real simple daily recipe - some are good, some are great, some suck. just depends.
smittenkitchen - really yummy recipes, and her little boy is maybe the cutest little dude i've ever seen. that hair, and those dimples!
the garlic goddess - great recipes, and they are all veggie-friendly!

Like I said.. I'm a little bit obsessed. This doesn't include any of the design, fashion, or local blogs I read, and definitely doesn't include all my other friends who blog! But... they are the food blogs that I am most dedicated to.

Any suggestions? Did I miss someone? I'm always interested in adding new reading material (clearly I don't have enough) so drop me a line if you think there is another blog out there that I am meant to unite with!

Happy Monday!

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