Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brief Book Review: The Help

After my post about a book club, some friends got together and decided to make it a reality! We haven't had our first meeting of the minds yet, but our first book was The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I took it with me to the beach this past weekend, and FLEW through it, and loved it. When I really love a book, I want it to last forever. I want to know what happens after the book ends.

That's what happened with The Help. Without giving anything away, and without ruining my potential first book club experience, I want to know what happens to Skeeter. And what does Aibileen do now? And does Minny actually do what she said she was going to? Do you think Miss Hilly ever gets over herself? And what does Mae Mobley become? Does she even remember Aibileen, like Skeeter remembers Constantine?

I don't know if this has happened before, but I also wish there was an alternate ending. One where Stuart gets past his prejudices. One where Skeeter can be happy in Mississippi. One where Skeeter & Aibileen & Minny & maybe even Mrs. Leefolt go out for lunch once a week. Is that too much to ask, Miss Stockett? Could you please write me a whole 'nother book to enjoy?

Anyway, I highly recommend the book. Perhaps it's because in a small way I felt like I could relate, being a former-current-wannabe nanny/personal assistant type person and all. Perhaps it's because I know what it's like to live in the South (although not in the same era, duh). Or perhaps it's because I am just a total bookworm with an appreciation for good writing!

What are you reading, and how is it?

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  1. Oh I'd like to read that. Right now I am reading The Anthologist, which is great, but I just finished Middlesex, which I couldn't put down. I'm looking for something good to read next, especially since it sounds like I'm going to have lots and lots of time on my hands.