Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today I am BLAH.

stuffed up, sick, don't feel good and grumpy. I'm a horrible sick person. My mother, friends, and exboyfriend will happily testify to this. I want 24/7 attention and love. I rarely get sick, so I feel my wants are justified, although rarely fulfilled. So today, I am at work and the above picture is what my desk looks like. Everyone wants to be around me. Not.

So tonight, I am going to cancel all plans, and instead I am going to go home, put on my most comfortable pajamas I can think of, and snuggle under my covers. I'm not going to do the taxes I have been avoiding, or clean the apartment that so desperately needs it. Instead I am going to rest and relax and sleep. Boo on being sick.

But if you want to step in... there is a ZTA alumni event at Art & Soul in North Buckhead, there is a wine tasting at Figs n Honey, and many other things to occupy your non-sickly Thursday evening. Enjoy.


  1. i too, am an awful sick person. i need to be waited on and constantly hear that they love me and are so sorry that i'm sick. that, of course, is when it's okay for them to talk around me, lol. glad to know i'm not the only one, and i hope you feel better tomorrow! at least you'll have the weekend to get back up and running.

    thanks for following my blog!

  2. ACK!! I have been so sick lately too!! I am sorry!! Something is going around!! Feel better soon!!