Monday, October 4, 2010

Apple Massacre & Weekend Recap

On my Top 10 Thursday post last week, I mentioned a few things worth re-mentioning because I actually did them!  
Cypress Street Sublime Burger

1. Battle of the Burgers -- SO MUCH FUN! Thank you so much to @YelpAtlanta for hooking me up, but seriously, this was worth every single penny I would have spent. The event was held at John Howell Park on Virginia Ave, and the venue was, I thought, perfect. Small, intimate, felt like there were a lot of people... fabulous. I think my personal favorite was the shrimp 'n grits stuffed burger from The Nook, but apparently the People's Choice Winner was Kaleidescope. The Judge's Choice Winner was also the burger from The Nook... it was seriously that good. I also got the opportunity to eat a Sublime donut burger. Never again, kids. It was dangerous. Like, as in I would have to roll home if I ate a whole one dangerous.

2. Apple picking! My mom & I went to Reece's Orchards today in Ellijay. We took our puppy dogs, picked apples to our hearts content, I bought a pumpkin and a couple of gourds, and we were on our merry way back to civilization! I love PYO (Pick Your Own) vineyards/orchards/gardens and my family has been doing it for what feels like forever! We also might have stopped at the outlets on our way home... I mean we were already there! Lucky me, I only came home with 20 pounds of apples (and my fall decor). In the 5 hours I've been home, I've cooked up an apple turnover, applesauce, and I'm going to hopefully have apple butter when I wake up in the morning. Anybody want anything apple-related? I foresee a lot of frozen applesauce in my near future... apparently it's one of the many things you can freeze!

BRB, I think my apple butter is burning.

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  1. Why did I not know about Battle of the Burgers?! Ack, so jealous!

    And I love apple picking!
    That burger looks so yummy!