Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Confessions

I've told you all about my relationship with running. We've been getting along okay lately, but I'm just bored with it. I'm all about classes at the gym, but gyms are expensive. Enter, Groupon. Cue angels singing. I nabbed the Atlanta Hot Yoga Groupon for $39 -- unlimited yoga for a month.

I've never set foot in a yoga studio before. I did Yoga for Runners one time on my bedroom floor and I liked it but I wasn't really sure about it. So Wednesday I went and cashed in my Groupon... AND I'M NEVER GOING BACK TO RUNNING. Ok, exaggeration, but seriously, yoga was the bomb dot com. I liked every single thing about it. I liked the people that were in my class, I liked the studio, I liked the way it made me feel, I liked the instructor, I just really liked it! Probably TMI, but I've never really sweat to the point that you could see it through my shirt, even in my 2-a-day, 3-hour-practice-in-the-heat-of-the-summer volleyball days. After this measly one hour yoga class though, my shirt was absolutely soaked through. Gross, but so satisfying.

Go, little yogis, and get your yoga on. You'll never look back either. Unless sweat and hearing people breath really strangely grosses you out, in which case, run as far as you can in the other direction. I'm still not digging the whole breathing thing, but I mean we can't all be perfect, even Mr. Yoga.


  1. that's funny, i purchased a groupon for 3 yoga classes for $12. i'll have to try hot yoga! i've only heard great things about it.

  2. My sister (who lives in Atlanta) got that very same groupon! I wish they'd offer one in San Francisco soon . . . I am sure they will, but it probably won't be quite as cheap since everything is way more expensive here. I did get a great one for $15/three classes at a dance studio in SF, though, which will be fun. Lately I'm all about Groupon!