Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Night In

Last night, I had dinner plans with 2 of my best and favorite friends in the whole world. AC just moved back to Atlanta from Nashville, and Syd was in town from Ft. Worth. After discussing, we all agreed that a girls night in complete with wine, cheese, meat, and a lot of other food was just what we needed. And let me tell you, it was awesome. Between the sickness I'm fighting, my epic weekend, trying to finish up my last week at work, and having about a million friends to see this week, I was really feeling the whole vibe.

I am all about a dinner out on the town, going to fancy restaurants, trying to new places, and general exploration of the city I call home. However, I tend to overlook the thrill that is a fancy night in. We had honey infused goat cheese, peppercorn crusted salami, prosciutto rolls, grapes, raspberries & blackberries, a roasted artichoke, spiced pecans, and wine. LOTS of wine. Talk about delicious! It cost me a lot more than I intended because I was too lazy to go anywhere but the most expensive grocery store I could think of, but it was totally worth it to hang out with my girls in my post-yoga sweatiness and just be. And just eat. A lot. But seriously, next time you think about planning a night out, re-think and plan a night in. It can really be just as fun! And just throwing it out there, but fancy food != fancy clothes. I was basically the definition of that last night.

And if you're feeling really feisty, you could also maybe turn on an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, just as "background noise." Right. It was my first viewing of the show (yes, I live under a rock) and needless to say... I won't be recording it. Sorry NeNe & Kim, and the girl who had an over-the-top, antithesis-of-southern baby shower. I don't buy it.

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