Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Best of Intentions

I had big plans for last night. I was going to get home, work out, cook dinner, and sew to my little heart's content. My computer charger broke, so I knew the interwebz wouldn't distract me. I can't stand watching baseball on TV (it's boring enough in the stadium, watching it on TV is like instant naptime!) and even worse, the Twitter app on my phone was blowing up with Braves games updates. Gag me. Plus, who wants to watch Gossip Girl on live TV when it's so much better the next night with the DVR remote in hand? I just KNEW sewing was in my future.

I finished the final book in the Pretty Little Liars series, freaking finally (will blog about this later, promise). I stood up, I stared at my sewing machine, and then I sat back down and made a to-do list. I taste-tested my roommate's first try at her Thanksgiving appetizer. A total side  note, but in the 15 months I've lived with Plampers, I think I've seen her use the kitchen for 4 recipes that weren't first frozen: Cheese Enchiladas, Spinach Dip, Buffalo Chicken Dip and now... Crab, Spinach & Artichoke dip. It was seriously delicious, and as we were discussing what other ingredients she could maybe incorporate into the dish to make it better, she starts rattling off stuff about shaved shallots, maybe some hot sauce, or heavy cream, or some cumin. Jigga what? This roommate of mine that cooks as often as basically never was talking about shallots, cream and cumin? I was impressed and jealous that her boyfriend was going to be receiving the rest of the dip and I couldn't eat "just one more bite" until all the sudden it was gone.

Obviously this is where my thoughts went, and then all the sudden it was 9:15pm and I was watching 4 episodes of Sister Wives and then I was asleep, dreaming about marrying a man who then took on more wives. Something about me being too sane for him? Yes, I'm sure that's what it was. Anyway, all of this happened and the brand new, shiny camera strap cover did not.

I claim it's because my computer was dead so I couldn't stare at the tutorial, but really I was just lazy and didn't want to move the dishes that are on the table, put my sewing machine out, risk ruining my beautiful elephant fabric, and ultimately end up frustrated and still camera-strap-cover-less. So I just eliminated all the middle steps and ended up strapless anyway.

I think the chances of it getting done eventually are really high, so keep checking back and one day in 2020 you might just see a camera strap cover how to. Don't worry if the camera is no longer functional because it's been replaced by robots who take photos for us.

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