Thursday, October 28, 2010

Seriously Lame Post.

I've written out a list of Top 10 Thursday things 4 times now, only to come up very, very short. I give up on the stupid list. Instead, I'm going to pour my heart out just a little bit. Feel free to close the window if you want, or keep reading. It's really up to you. As I'm writing this, I have no idea what I'm actually going to say. Probably just ramble a little bit. (edit: I don't think these ramblings turned out half bad, but I'm the author so does my opinion really count? Unclear.)

My sister came over for dinner last night, and we had a really enjoyable little evening together. My parents brought us some fish that my dad had caught the last time they were in Atlanta (sorry if that doesn't make sense, they brought the fish to Atlanta, they didn't catch it here) and it intimidated me and smelled bad, so basically my sister came over as a security blanket so I could cook the fish. Isn't that lame?

I have been reading for the last month about how delicious pumpkin and butternut squash and spaghetti squash and all things gourd related are, and when my mom & I went apple picking I also bought a butternut squash to eat. I'd never tried squash before but I figured if everyone else liked it then I probably would too! I didn't have any vegetables for said fish dinner, so I roasted the butternut squash. It was really gross, neither of us liked it, and we tossed most of it. Isn't that lame?

My sister still lives in the sorority house and she brought over carrot cake for dessert. It was so cute, she brought it over in a styrofoam cup because they were out of to-go boxes, and it even had a little fork stuffed in it. In hindsight, I should have taken a picture, but instead I took one big bite because I really like carrot cake only to realize that apparently the new chef at the sorority house is a big fan of walnuts. I am not, at least not in my carrot cake. Isn't that lame?

And lastly, it's my 2nd to last day at work and I am so pleased that almost all the candy that I keep at my desk is gone, except the red & blue sour gummy worms. I bought the CVS brand sour gummy worms and upon first taste, decided they TOTALLY SUCKED and refused to eat anymore, hence them being out on my desk for everyone to eat. Well, I quickly changed my mind and consumed all the delicious tasting sour gummy worms, starting with the best ones until only the worst remained. And now I have 5 measly red & blue sour gummy worms sitting on my desk waiting to be eaten, but they're nasty. Isn't that lame?

Now I have to go do work I was supposed to do 3 weeks ago, because when I leave they are going to quickly figure out I haven't done it. That is especially lame.


  1. i'm sad you didn't like the butternut squash! i've never actually cooked one so you might need to blend it with other things in order to make it taste yummy, but i'm not entirely sure. if you're ever out somewhere where they have butternut squash soup, try that! it's delish.

  2. Katie - we'll cook butternut squash sometime together. It's all in the toppings :)

    With mine, i add cinnamon butter and brown sugar, topped with almond slivers. Delish!!!

  3. When you cook squash, esp. the speggehti squash, it tastes like what you cook it as... Cinnamon Sugar and gram crackers are awesome on butternut squash, lots of olive oil and garlic and a good meat sauce is really good on speggehti squash