Monday, July 19, 2010

My sista.

My sister may not be my best friend, but she's the only sister I've got, and I'm pretty dang excited that she is coming home.

You may ask: Where has she been?

Then you may wonder: For how long?
10 weeks.

And then clearly because you are as nosy as me: Why for?
Because she likes bratwurst, castles, and speaking German. Not beer. She hates beer. Don't you Lauren?? Who knows, maybe she'll come home loving beer. She'd have one very happy older sister, who might throw an "I told you so" at her, because beer=heaven. Well, Bud Light = Heaven.

And if you are still wondering anything, it is probably: Why am I glad she is returning?
I don't have to babysit her car anymore. My parents won't spend all the time I'm with them BBM'ing her. She'll resume her position of irresponsible child (she's been hard to keep tabs on while 6 time zones away). I'll have someone to go out to eat with to all the crappy restaurants we really like to go to. I'll have family within driving distance in case like... I get in a car accident and can't fend for myself. I mean there is nothing saying she won't tell them to go ahead and pull the plug, but at least someone will be there for me that is of blood relation. Plus, I mean... she's my little sister. I gotta watch out for her and take care of her and when she's 6 time zones away it makes it really hard for me to tell her what to do and how to do it and stuff. Even if it does make me want to slit my wrists when she calls me sissy.

She'll be here on Saturday, my daddy will be here on Wednesday... this is shaping up to be quite the week. Welcome home little family of mine! I am glad that for the first time since May we will all be on the same continent, and 3/4 will be in the same state. We'll talk about this whole move to Florida/my life in a storage unit another day. I don't have any issues with it or anything.

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  1. i love you so much and am happy to be laying in your bed right now!! momoya tonight?