Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Message I Received on a Social Networking Site

I still remember the first time someone complimented my feet. I was 17, in Myrtle Beach, and my best friend & I were in the hot tub at our hotel because it was covered and an afternoon storm had rolled in. Two (really cute) boys got in with us, and I had popped my toes up out of the water. One of the boys told me I had the cutest little toes he had ever seen. I giggled incessantly as any 17-year-old-girl would. Then they proceeded to tell us they were the son's of the owner of the hotel and that we should join them in the penthouse for a party later. Of course we believed them, got all dressed up, and went to the elevator, only to find out there was no penthouse, only a top floor, and obviously chain hotels don't have owners. Hello idiot 17 year old girls. Anyway, back to the point. Apparently my feet precede me, as this gentlemen had no so much as seen a picture of my feet before he sent the following:

him: im startin a foot/shoe modeling website and Im looking for models and just thought I wuld ask if your interested
me: seriously? (at this point i think this is just a lame attempt at a pickup line via the internet)
him: yea??
me: i have big feet (now i'm expecting him to turn this into a sexual conversation)
him: big feet is a good thing
me: you dont even know what my feet look like (why am i being logical?)
him: i dnt
him: i mean r they pretty
me: well i think so but i'm a little biased (i'm really reminiscing on that moment 7 years ago in the hot tub, i can still remember the color of my toenail polish)
him: do u have a pic
me: of my feet? (no katie, of your favorite roller coaster ride. YES YOUR FEET!)
me: no (i'm sure homeboy is thinking 'finally, this girl must be dumb or something')
him: well u could take one
me: they aren't polished right now, i need a pedicure something fierce (100% truth, although now i am only continuing conversation because i think this will make an excellent blog post)
him: man u have every excuse ha
me: i'm just telling the truth, although i can't lie and say i don't think this conversation is a little weird
him: well dnt talk to me? (i thought you'd never ask!)
me: alright, have a great night!

For the record, my feet:

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