Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Confessions

I love wine. A lot. I love all wines, really. When I go to wine tastings however, there is a reason that far surpasses the wine (sorry Hop City, your wines come in a close 3rd as to why we frequent your wine tastings). The chef. My confession? I've already decided that, despite my distance from possible engagement, and the missing boyfriend, or something that even closely resembles a boyfriend, the chef will be catering my rehearsal dinner & wedding. Why? Because he's incredible. His food is incredible, his personality is incredible, and I'll be honest... he isn't bad to look at, either! And that's an understatement.

We have 1 in our group who is a vegetarian, and no matter how many times we call in advance and proclaim we have a vegetarian, Chef Rob never seems to know until the minute we walk in the door. That means we get a lot of special attention. There are always discussions over who has the best seat, both for viewing, smelling, and wine-tasting privileges. That's still debatable. There's a lot more I could say about our fascination with Chef Rob, but for fear of my own blogging humiliation, I'll leave it at that. Plus, just in case anyone sees this before I show up tonight (or to next week's tasting), I'd rather not set myself up for looking like a tomato all through my meal. Embarrassment does not become me, at all.

So I am SO SO SO excited to go to another wine tasting tonight. The last one was beyond impressive, and I'm sure tonight between the company, the food, the wine, and the ridiculously attractive chef, I will be a happy camper.

So, today, I confess that as much as I love wine, I might love the chef even more. And I am so looking forward to this evening's wine festivities and the ones that will follow the wine. I'm skeptical about the bar-crowd that will be at Ormsby's tonight, but I'll be in good company so I'm sure it will be fun!

Happy weekend!

And a quick note - if you are an ATL peep and don't read The Q+DD, you should. They are great!

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  1. Wine, YUMMY. Seriously, I hope you drank a glass or ten for me.