Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why I Shouldn't Have Free Time, part 1 of approximately 89043280432.

It's Saturday morning. I'm "snowed-in." I've been up since 7:30am (damn you, corporate America, for not allowing me to sleep in), and the DVR is in the other room, where the internets apparently can't reach. It's Valentine's Day weekend and I am without Valentine. (This is all very ok, it just explains my lack of something better to do!) So what do I do?

Start/continue planning my honeymoon. Yes, I've started this process before. Nope, I'm not engaged. Not planning to be. Not even in a relationship. Not even attempting to be in a relationship. I don't even know the last time I went on a date. But yep - planning my honeymoon. It's gonna be an expensive one.

I want to go to one of the Tahitian islands. I want to stay in a villa that sits atop the ocean and has glass-bottom floors. I want an infinity pool. A private infinity pool. I guess I'll have to pick between glass-bottom floors and infinity pool, but maybe I can find somewhere that has both. I want beach. Lots of private, white, beautiful, warm beach. I don't want to be able to see my neighbors canoodling on their balcony... I don't want to see anyone else canoodling at all. I don't want to see any ONE at all. Except for the delightful ladies and gentlemen who will cook delicious lobsters and bring warm fresh towels. I want 7 days in extreme bliss. Bliss that I will never forget for the rest of my life. Nevermind that I hate flying. Nevermind that I will more than likely have to get on an airplane that seats approximately 2 people. Guess what? I'd do it all and then some if it meant I was going to stay at a bungalow with glass-bottomed floors and a canopy king size bed and swimming access off my balcony in the lagoon and all the other fantastic, memorable, beautiful things these islands have to offer.

As I've been finding pictures, I even entertained the idea of eloping to these islands and getting married here sans big wedding, sans family, all of it, that's how badly I want it. For those of you that know me... this isn't even an option, but I'm making it one. Only for you, most beautiful and luxurious Bora Bora. I want to come and visit you. I want to explore everything you have to offer. I want to swim in your oceans and sleep on your beaches and shop in your shops and dine in your restaurants and explore your every surface.

Maybe one day.... for now, I'll add it to my Travel Bucket List and hope that some man loves me enough to take me here, eventually. But sooner rather than later.

(these pictures are from the Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa)

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  1. ROFL. In the case that you decide to go away to this place prior to that whole honeymoon thing, I am more than happy to be a travel companion ha. Gorgeous!