Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pantsless = Problem

I left my house Tuesday morning (after a debacle with my alarm clock) fully armed with Tuesday & Wednesday's lunches packed, clothes for Tuesday evening, Wednesday work clothes, as well as all the things I need in the morning to get ready for work. I was packed and ready to go. I do this once a week because I stay overnight with a family because their mom works overnight at the hospital. (It's easy money and I like the kids!) I'm feeling pretty good because I think I've got it all covered despite my 45 minute delayed start. Stupid alarm clock, who knew I actually had to turn you on?!

So I set my now faithful alarm this morning for 6:28am so I could have plenty of time (read: 2 minutes) to wake myself up, then wake the small people up, shower, cook breakfast, and all the other things that school-going-small-people require between waking up and leaving for school.

Everyone gets up, everyone gets dressed, everyone eats breakfast, and 2/3 get out the door and go to school. I'm showered but still in my jammies. Their mom comes home and takes the last 1/3 to her school, and I go back down to my basement cave to finish getting ready for work. Take off pajamas. Put on shirt-dress I like to wear to work. Dig around in bag for pants I wanted to wear with it. Dig around bag some more. Start to panic and throw the rest of the bag's contents around the room. That's when I realized that I had forgotten a CRUCIAL part of my work ensemble... the pants.

Normally, I am not an outfit drama queen. I can make the best of most situations. I would have even worn brown pants with my black/grey shirt-dress because I'm that easygoing. BUT I HAD WORN A SKIRT TO WORK THE DAY BEFORE. And not just any skirt - a zebra striped, patterned, stands out x10,000 skirt that I just couldn't repeat. We had visitors in the office. European visitors. Important visitors!!! Now... this shirt-dress is barely long enough to be worn as a dress when going to the club. It is definitely not long enough to wear as a dress when going to work. I couldn't have worn it to high school when the fingertip-rule still applied. So I think I'm a genius, and I put on tights. I feel that I have solved the world's problems. Life is better because my legs are covered.

I walk out of the bedroom, look in the mirror in the bathroom, and very quickly realize that my problems are nowhere near solved. FYI... tights are not pants. I panic some more. HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN MY PANTS?!?!?!?!!?!? I'm still not really sure if I forgot my pants, or if I thought that my tights would pass as leggings, but either way, I had to fix my problem stat, preferably before work.

One quick stop at Target, and I had a new, albeit entirely ridiculous looking, ensemble. A knee length knit skirt was the cheapest, best solution I could find that I would ever wear again. Of course they didn't have any opaque leggings in my size. Of course they didn't have any dresses that interested me at all. Nope. So I wore a dress over a skirt with tights underneath and called it a day.

And what a day it was. Want to know the best part of it? When I came home and took my most awesome outfit off.

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