Friday, February 5, 2010

A Low-Key Friday Night

It is Friday, post-lunchtime, and I can't wait to go home. I'm sure you are now wondering what my big plans are for tonight.

They include making an awesome coleslaw, maybe making some chocolate covered strawberry footballs (but first I would have to go to Costco and get some strawberries... which doesn't sound like the worst idea!), and maybe even going to see Dear John ALL. BY. MY. SELF. And I really couldn't be more excited about it. Oh yeah, and as I was getting ready for work this morning I decided the apartment needs a solid scrubdown ASAP. And by apartment I mean primarily my bathroom and shelves. The dust bunnies are starting to roam at night. Scary.

Since the start of 2010 my weeks and weekends have been whirlwinds of traveling, drinking, parties, cleaning, friends, and cooking, and it has been nothing short of fun, but man am I ready for a low-key Friday night in my pajamas. Even if I go out, I think I am still going to wear pajamas. The thing is, I would have a great time if I went out tonight, but for the first time in as long as I can remember, there is something going on and I don't feel obligated to go for fear of missing out. My friends will still be there tomorrow, the fun will still be there tomorrow, and while yes, I am missing what is supposedly a fantastic band at East Andrews Upstairs tonight... I'm okay with that! I'm so proud of myself. I've come such a long way with my FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

I hope you also enjoy your low-key Friday nights. And don't fret - tomorrow will be far less low-key because a group of us are participating in the Virignia Highlands Snuggie Pub Crawl. I am not a proud owner of a Snuggie, but the ad said bathrobes were welcome, so that is what I will be donning. And don't forget Super Bowl Sunday and all the festivties that go along with it.

Maybe this weekend won't be quite as low-key afterall... but at least I've got my Friday night to enjoy all by myself! What are you doing tonight?

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  1. HAHA love this post. F.O.M.O., so glad you created and acronym for this pervasive and serious problem. I've been suffering from FOMO for awhile and am only just now getting over it. Glad you've recovered from it.