Wednesday, February 24, 2010

some things i've done lately that i liked.

1. I went to see the movie Valentine's Day with a couple of girlfriends. We even went for free (thanks Hannah!) I enjoyed the movie tremendously, and I enjoyed it even more because I didn't pay for the ticket. I think my favorite role was Julia Roberts, and I was equally impressed with Ashton Kutcher because I usually don't like him in movies. I'm not a slapstick humor movie kinda girl. It's just the way I am. But this was a super fun girls night out at the movies, we all laughed a little, we all got a little teary-eyed, and we all just enjoyed ourselves. Good old fashioned Monday night fun! Plus who doesn't love Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane in all their attractive deliciousness?!

2. This past weekend was Oysterfest, one of my favorite 'fests in Atlanta! The weather couldn't have been more perfect on Saturday, so we packed up and headed into Midtown for the festival. I think the tickets were a little pricy ($20/person just for entry), but the oysters and shrimps were reasonably priced and delish! Plus, the company really couldn't be beat. We shucked our oysters (or some of us had oysters shucked for us), we peeled our shrimp (some of us also had shrimp peeled for us), and we ate and were merry. Then we listened to some music, we hung out on a hill and people-watched, and just had an extremely pleasant Saturday afternoon. The beer was yummy, the weather was ideal, and the company, like I said, couldn't be beat! Last year, the festival planners ran out of beer, the port-a-potties were overflowing, the lines were atrocious, and things were just not all that fun for fest-goers. This year, they capped the ticket limit, added more restrooms, and streamlined the oyster-obtaining process. Oh yeah, and I'm pretty positive they purchased more beer. Overall, a great experience and I'm already looking forward to next year's Oyst-ravaganza!

3. Tried a new restaurant! I love love LOVE dining out, and I especially love it when I can venture out to a new restaurant that is in a cool place. My friend Lizzie & I went to Ormsby's, which is on the Westside off Howell Mill in the White Provisions project. My biggest complaint was the parking situation, and the fact that the restaurant really didn't have a sign indicating where it was. Other than that, I'm sold! A couple other people had told me about this place before I had the opportunity to go, and I'm so glad I did! The food was good - Liz got a sausage sandwich and I got a cup of soup and the sweet potato fries. Yum! The service was really great, and there was a pretty good crowd of people for a Sunday evening. The best part is that while the dining takes place in the upstairs, there is a giant staircase in the middle where you go to the downstairs and they have darts, pool tables, Bocce Ball and shuffleboard. How fun! I thought the drinks were a little pricy, but not over the top and definitely not too much for a night out on the town, and the food was super reasonable! We had a great night just gabbing and catching up on girltalk.

What have you done lately that was just plain old fun, and something you would totally do again? Tonight I'm going to a free beer tasting (kind of like my wine tastings I told you about) and then to play trivia at Rocky Mountain. I'm all about getting out of the house these days... winter has really been dragging me down and I gotta stay upbeat somehow until these cold, dreary days pass. So tell me about your fun adventures, I can't wait to hear!

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