Monday, February 1, 2010

Blondes Have More Fun!

I'm cheap, especially when it comes to things like my hair, which I don't feel it should be necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on. And shoes, which are merely going on my feet for me to use and abuse, so why buy the expensive ones when the cheapies will do? Although, I am learning to appreciate nicer shoes now that I am working and walking around more than just to an interview and back home in my heels. I learned this lesson today, but maybe I will blog about that tomorrow.

Today I am hear to tell you about the best deal EVER on hair cuts, dyes, perms, highlights, and anything else you could imagine you would want done to your hair. I started my hair adventures at the Aveda Institute, where I met and fell in hair-stylist-love with my wonderful Alexandra. It took me a few tries to find her, but once I did I never went to anyone else. Alexandra graduated from beauty school, and for a while even did my highlights in the middle of her apartment kitchen!

Then, Alex did what she never should have done - she started working at Van Michael Salon in Buckhead where for the first year or so that she was there, highlights by her cost me..................................ten dollars. $10!!!! CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT?!

I couldn't. It was my favorite thing in the entire world. I felt like the world of hair was at my fingertips. Perm? What the heck, why not, it's only ten bucks! And I could tip 100% and still be way under budget! The work is done by students, and they only do 2 haircuts a week, on Mondays at 4pm and 6pm, but if you plan far enough in advance, it's so easy to schedule a cut, color, whatever your little heart desires! And, I'm pretty sure this isn't any of their first runs at doing hair. Like I said, Alexandra already had graduated from beauty school at Aveda. This was like the final step for her!

Unfortunately for me (and for my budget), Alexandra is now slowly but surely working her way up the ranks at Van Michael, so she now costs a lot more than $10. I've promised myself I will go to her every other time I need my hair done, because my cheap self cannot justify a $100 hair fix, despite how much I love Alex and how she knows just how to fix my hair so it's perfect.

So call, schedule your appointment, and let a cheap and fabulous haircut be your new best friend!

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