Sunday, October 17, 2010

This Weekend

 I spent the weekend in North Georgia with some amazing people and lucky for me, I wouldn't exactly call this group camera shy! And double the luck for me, they also happen to be some of my favorite friends.

Saturday morning, we woke up to fog over the lake. Great start to an even better weekend.  

After breakfast, shenanigans ensued. (Yep, that's an adult trying to fit into a car designed for 2 years olds. Yep, she actually fit. Kind of.)

Some of the team went for a mountain bike ride. Clearly, I hung back and took pictures. We know how I feel about exercise.

Bored, waiting for my friends to come back from their mountain bike adventure. Practicing using my new camera with what I had -- grass, and my awesome fingernails.

Team building activities in the afternoon turned into practicing karate kid ninja moves. He was standing on a floating rock in the middle of hot lava, lucky for us his ninja skills are decent.

Crash boom bang. We had to partner up and walk across a tight rope that spread further in different directions, leaning on each other for support. Good thing those spotters were there to catch us. Nothing says team building like 2 girls falling on your back. Lucky boys.

Instructor: Zip up.
Catchers: ZIPPED!
Faller: I trust you.
Catchers: TRUST US! FALL ON!
Faller: Falling.

Spent some time hanging out at the waterfall in comfortable silence with each other.

Loving the effects my camera can capture, and taking full advantage. I swear I'm not really that wide, I just really like that jacket. And the 7 laters underneath.

A weekend that didn't start or end as planned, but that was awesome nonetheles. A much needed retreat away from life, away from stress, away from everything, and it was awesome. Amen.


  1. yes! i hated them, i tried to avoid doing it by being very engrossed in taking pictures but no dice. they forced me!