Monday, February 28, 2011

Me Versus The World

I consider myself to be pretty capable. I kill my own bugs, I am aware of how to change a tire (all thanks toa an 8 hour roadtrip involving 2 flat tires), I hang my own pictures on the wall, I have moved myself out of & into numerous living spaces... I've managed on my own just fine for a while now. This weekend further proved that I am fully capable of doing things all. by. my. self.

Exhibit A: Busted headlight. Normally I would just pop on over to PepBoys, bat my little eyelashes, and they'd fix it for me just for the cost of the bulb. But I-Can-Do-It-Katie refused to subject myself to that. Instead, I just knew I could fix my headlight myself. With my little man in tow, we went to the car store, bought a new lightbulb, went back in to make sure we actually bought the right one, and took the bulb home. Well, took the bulb to my friend's house. Then I had a brilliant idea...while yes, I am perfectly capable of fixing this little problemo myself, things are just better when a man does it. So I asked my pal to fix it for me. Plus, men get all giddy when helpless damsels in distress ask them to do things.

He flexed his muscles, went inside, got his screwdriver, and set to work fixing my lightbulb. 2 minutes later, it was fixed! Hooray! Then we got home, and it wasn't quite as fixed as I thought. As in, the light still didn't turn on. Fail. But guess what? I-Can-Do-It-Katie opened the hood of the car, wriggled the lightbulb, and guess what? I can now legally drive after dark.

Katie - 1, Car - 0

Exhibit B: I think this was more sheer luck & damnit I want this and I want it now than anything else. I bought a TV. I've been talking about and thinking about buying a TV for a long time. Then, the same friend mentioned previously & I were talking about TV's and which one I should buy and he casually mentioned that last year the grand prize at his company party was a TV. Cool! And how funny would it be if he won the TV this year?

2 hours later, I got a text message that said "Guess what? I won the TV." And 2 months later I got a text message that said, "You still shopping for a TV?" Yes, yes, & yes! So Saturday was the day I picked up the beautiful 47" LG Plasma television in all it's glory. It barely fit in the back of the car, and my little helper was being not so helpful. Neither were my muscles (or lack thereof). But I'll be damned if I wasn't taking this sucker home & putting it up on the TV stand immediately. Before I left my friend called out "Call me if you need help getting it inside or anything!" I smiled and laughed and under my breath said, "Over my dead body!" Then we got home. And then I realized that it was me & a 9 year old that were somehow going to get this TV that I could barely lift myself out of my car, up 2 flights of stairs, and into my condo without a) busting the TV or b) busting ourselves.

Guess what? I did it. The TV is sitting proudly on the TV stand in my living room. Nevermind that I left all the cables at my friend's house...the TV is where the TV should be.

I'm going to continue alternating between ice & heat on my back & shoulders, and I don't think my 9 year old helper will ever volunteer to "help" me again.

Katie - 1, TV - 0

That puts me up 2 for the weekend, and I'd say that is a success!

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