Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Nerd in Us All

I got all A's in Math & Science in high school (except Analysis... damn you, Analysis). Then I went to Georgia Tech. I've beaten Donkey Kong & Super Mario Brothers on Super Nintendo. And now I'm going to buy a Wii. Because I'm a giant dork.

I consider myself pretty technologically advanced. I like technology and I get it. I've been wanting one of these Wii's for a while, and even got one a few years ago, but I never had sole custody of that one. Oh well. So now I'll get my own! I mean, if my mom can rock out the Wii, then surely I should have one. And obviously I need Guitar Hero. With 2 guitars. Duh.

The biggest dilemma I am having now is my television. Right now, our tv suits me just fine. It is on the small-ish side, but I can see it, I can watch movies on it, and it fits in our living room just right. But now that this little Wii is in the picture, I'm just going to HAVE to upgrade. That's where you come in. I need a TV. A flatscreen one. That's less than $1000 (wishful thinking?). That's not going to fall off my wall. It will probably need to be >50" because I have a lot of wall space to cover.

SO HELP! What kind should I get? Where should I get it? What size should I get in order to stay within a reasonable price range? Should I really have 3D capabilities? I don't forsee myself taking advantage of that, but I mean... do I need it?! Panasonic vs. LG? (I have a strange attachment to LG. My favorite cell phone I ever had was an LG. Don't ask.) Sony vs. Apex?



  1. As far as size, you need to make sure you have enough room from the couch to the tv, making sure you don't go too big. When you're too close, the picture just doesn't look as good, IMO.

    One of the best brands is Vizio, surprisingly. They are more of a "value" brand, but has great picture, etc. Mostly sold at Sam's and Costco I think. I have a Sharp and think it looks pretty good, my parents have Sonys and Samsungs, but those both tend to be on the more expensive side.

    You'll probably never need the 3D, and stay away from LEDs to save on price. You can get pretty good tvs for reasonable prices during the holiday season.

  2. I have always been good with electronics as well but never overly interested in video games. Though I played the shit out of Goldeneye on 64! :)

  3. Great guide in ARS today to help you decide.


  4. Tom and I had the same situation when we moved in May. We priced 47"+ flat panel tvs at Sams, Costco, and Best Buy. Ended up getting a Toshiba REGVA 50" from Best Buy. It was the floor model so it didn't come in a box or with a remote but they took several hundred dollars off the price because of that.

    We are super happy with the TV. Great picture quality. Solid wall mount.

    Agree with Brittany that you do not need the 3D. They have actually done some studies that show looking at 3D for long periods of time messes with your vision.

  5. We have a Vizio and so do alot of the other medical residents in my husbands program and they are surprisingly good tv's for less than Sony.

  6. I think you can pull it off for around $1000. Budget about $100 for the wall mount. You may even be able to find a tv/blu-ray player combo package for that price if you get lucky. For flat screens the top rated are usually Samsung, Sony, LG and Sharp Aquos. The cheaper brands (vizio, apex, etc.)usually have good screens, just not as good video processing tech. As others have said, don't worry about 3D yet, it probably won't be worth it until they have the technology to not wear the stupid glasses. Definitely get 1080p since you will be relatively close to the tv. Don't buy anything Monster or Bose. For very good and reasonably priced cables go to bluejeanscable.com, or for ok and very cheap go to monoprice.com And of course get the HD channels from your cable/sattelite provider.