Sunday, December 5, 2010


My friend sent me a link to this movement, and it's seriously right up my alley. To me, life is all about reflecting on past decisions and choices and learning from them. Sometimes it takes months, years, to really be able to look upon the past fondly. Other times, you can almost immediately draw the lesson that you were supposed to be learned. That's why I like reflective activities like this. I'll be posting some of the less personal prompts on the blog and posting the more personal ones (such as who/what did I let go this year and why) in my own journal. Just because I don't share it with you doesn't mean I don't think it's important to reflect on the things that have happened in my life! But don't worry, I'll be sure to share the one word that describes 2010!

Anyone else participating in Reverb '10? They've got a pretty great social networking support system, too! Check out the #reverb10 hashtag on Twitter to see how others are documenting their experience.


  1. I've heard about that and while I probably won't do it at this time, I think it's an awesome way to look at your life!

  2. yay! The hashtag has been blowing up my twitter all weekend, but I really like a lot of the things I've found through it.