Thursday, December 2, 2010

Qatar 2022

I could really give a rat's ass about soccer. I was in Spain when they won the EuroCup in 2008, and I cheered them on to victory in the World Cup in 2010, and both times my cheering was hindered heightened by the number of big, big beers I had consumed. However, I'd like to thank soccer for encouraging the number one goal on my bucket list - to travel to every single continent.


I'm not really sure when this became a lifelong dream of mine, but I've made good on it in the 24.5 years I've been around. I figure if it took me that long to get to 5/7, surely I can hit up 2 more before my time on earth is up, right?

Part of the problem with my world domination goal is that I really have vague recollection of the time I spent on the Asian continent, and the time I spent in South America barely qualifies. I think we were in Colombia for a grand total of 4 hours, seriously, and even though I spent 2 weeks being lusted after for my gorgeous blue eyes and naturally blonde hair, that was many moons ago. Too many moons ago, really. So I've decided that those kinda sorta but not really don't count. I mean, they do count, but I really really really wanna go back. Bucket list or not.

So now, I have soccer to thank because they have decided that the 2014 World Cup will be in Brazil. Be still my heart - South American AND Portuguese? When can I buy my plane ticket? In case you didn't know, Portugal is my favorite country in Europe, although followed closely by Spain & Germany, and who am I kidding...I love them all. But really, Katie = Portugal's #1 fan.

And 2022 in Qatar? Hello, it's really close to Saudi Arabia (my mom's favorite place) and it's technically an Asian country. I could probably even knock off 2 continents in one trip if I really wanted to. Spending a day in Morocco doesn't really count for Africa now that I think about it, so obviously I need to go back and invest some quality time.

Now, the bigger question is who's paying and who's coming with me? I've got Australia covered (hellooooo honeymoon), but I really need a travel companion for South America & Africa/Asia. I promise I'm a great traveler, and I don't complain and I am pretty dang go with the flow!

Some might suggest that Traveling Katie > Katie At Home. But that might just be a suggestion :)

¡Que Viva España! Força Portugal!


  1. I am down to travel, but can we find someone else to pay? haha

  2. I spent a few hours in Morocco (long story) when I was in Spain and I totally count that as having been to Africa! haha