Friday, December 17, 2010

I wish every day was negro day.

Name that musical.

If you guessed Hairspray, you guessed right. And that may be my favorite line in the whole musical mainly because of my roommates when I lived in Spain. We might have watched that movie 17 times while I was there. We didn't have internet, but we had movies, and the Tudors.

ANYWAY - I went with my sweet friend Jackie to go see Hairspray at the MJCCA because one of her friends was in it. Her friend got knocked up and got kicked off the Corny Collins show early on... 

I'm pretty sure Lauren & Lindsay over at the Q+DD discussed this musical and also had personal connections so really that is reason enough to go, but seriously - it was afro-tastic. Dudes in drag singing better than I can, a positively perfect Penny Pingleton... I was grining from ear to ear the whole time! And, the theater was small and Jacks snagged us 2nd row seats, so all the actors and actresses could see me with my giant smile and I like to think it was encouraging to them. Jury is still out on encouraging vs. creepy. I also decided against taking pictures with the actors and actresses. I think then the jury wouldn't be out and I would have just been straight creepy.

Sometimes I wish my life was a musical. Anyone else? I'm turning it into one, because next up tonight is RENT (also with Jackie... are you sensing a theme here?) Hopefully I will not be too freaked out to take pictures, because I read somewhere that they help you gain more readers. I guess my humor and wit ain't cutting it. But, in the famous words of Tracy Turnblad... You can't stop the beat!

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  1. Haha, I totally hear ya on wishing my life was a musical...though I'm not sure it would be a good one!