Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Boys in the Bed?

So last weekend I posted about having a friend (and JUST a friend) in town for the weekend. I still haven't gotten around to posting the rest of the pictures from the stuff we did... maybe one day.

Anyway, back to the point. When he was here, I didn't think twice about having him sleep in my bed. With me. He's not my boyfriend. He's truly just a friend. Neither of us is dating anyone, either. But all of those things aside, I still would have let him sleep in my bed. I've slept in the same bed as a good friend who had a girlfriend, and neither of us paid any attention to anything other than the sleep we were about to get. The end. No big deal. But apparently I was wrong?

The vast majority of my friends thought this was weird. A lot of people assumed we were dating/hookingup/whatevering because of that. I let him sleep in my bed because that was the exact OPPOSITE of what was happening! I believe my exact words were "I swear to God, touch me and DIE!"

So it got me thinking. I sleep in the same bed as girlfriends, as my parents, as my small people (see left!)... as really anyone that I've known for half a minute. It has never bothered me... until now, when my friends all started making comments. I guess I let any of my friends sleep in my bed because I'd rather do the same when I'm visiting. I HATE sleeping on couches! So maybe it's selfish? Who knows.

So what do you think? Do you force visitors onto the couch, or do they snuggle up in bed with you? I'm interseted to hear thoughts!
picture is mine :)


  1. If it was a girl, I would let them sleep in my bed if they wished. But, if it was a guy, I would have them sleep on the couch. I think it would be awkward and I wouldn't since I have a boyfriend.
    I know couchsurfers (http://www.couchsurfing.org) who have given up their beds and let us sleep in it. Then, the person slept on the couch.

  2. OMG! Are we related? I feel the same way as you. That is so funny and great at the same time. I have slept in bed with a guy friend and had NOTHING happen because we were JUST FRIENDS and yet everyone else seems to think that something else MUST be going on...NOT! However, if he wasn't comfortable and wanted the couch fine, or knowing me I would just give him my bed. I totally see nothing wrong with your way.
    Rock on!!