Friday, June 11, 2010

Confession Friday

As seems to be the theme in the blogging world these days, I bring to you a themed Friday post. Confessions. Mine, yours, we'll share them and feel better about ourselves.

My first one dates back to 6th grade. 1998. 12 years ago. We had to write a paper about the person who inspires us. I thought and thought, and thought some more. I didn't want to be cheesy and write about my mom. I didn't want to be a total dork and write about an author of my favorite books (I did that in 5th grade and got relentlessly made fun of). So I chose wisely - I chose my favorite next-door-neighbor who was also mother of 2 children who I loved like little sisters. She was like my super cool, young, hip, rad aunt who knew all the secrets that my mom just didn't know anything about. Our own moms, at the time, were so totally uncool.

So I write my paper about Christina, how she inspired me and how wonderful she was. Either I kept it a secret from my mom or I just didn't show her my rough draft, but either way she never saw it until after the dreadful day I showed it to Christina. In my physical description of this woman that I loved so much, I wrote about her beautiful ash colored hair, her short haircut, her lovely eyes, her slight double chin, how she was the same height as me.... oh did you catch that part? Yes, in describing this 30-something mom of 2 and friend to me, I included that she had a slight double chin.

So I take my final draft after I had turned it in and my mom & I take it to show Christina. Christina reads it, laughs, shows it to my mom, and then... she asked me if I knew what a double chin was. YES!!! I nodded seriously, of course I knew what a double chin was. Then my mother proceeded to tell me, in front of Christina, about how it wasn't very nice to point that out about someone, and it was one of those unspoken of things in life, and that what the hell Katie, Christina doesn't even have a double chin anyway?

So here is my confession: I honestly had no idea what the heck a double chin was in 1998 and lied to look smart and it TOTALLY backfired. FYI, that was not the last time lying about my wealth of knowledge has totally backfired and made me look like a fool.

Also, sorry Chris. I hope you have loved me anyway after all these years. You probably don't even remember this, but man oh man do I. And for the record, you did not and still do not have anything resembling a double chin. That's all.

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  1. haha, oh no! I totally used to add descriptive words to my essays when I was younger when I had no idea what they meant. I just wanted to seem smarter!