Monday, June 21, 2010

Eat Your Hearts Out

I'm pretty sure that while Dan the Man was in town we ate at every single place in Atlanta that I love (with the exception of a few, because there are a lot of places I love).

I'll include them when I recap the days, but for now, a generic rundown of the ridiculous amount of food we ate.

*Chow Baby. Never fails to impress me, and lunchtime just feels like a much better deal.

*Nakato. This was a newbie for me, as I am a loyal MoMoYa fan. It was good, although you either prefer one or the other. There's no liking both for this girl! We had a coupon, but I'm pretty sure the Scoutmob would have gotten us a much better deal.

*Willy's. No explanation necessary. I could eat there daily and be happy.

*Fellini's. Never fails to impress, especially with a crowd of rowdy, tipsy, twenty-somethings.

*Figo (Howell Mill location). DELISH, and I love the new combo special with pasta and soup/salad. Seemed like the perfect amount of food!

*FlipBurger. Food was alright, service left something to be desired. I'd been before and had pretty good experiences, so this was the only disappointing meal of the weekend.

Like I said, we ate our hearts out. But DAMN if it wasn't good, and if I'm not relishing in the leftovers.

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  1. I love eating out.....never heard of any of these places:)