Sunday, February 20, 2011

Last year on Valentine's Day I sat on my couch "snowed in" and posted about my imaginary honeymoon. It's still as imaginary as it was last year, in case you were wondering.

This year on Valentine's Day I had big plans to come home after work, cook myself a really yummy dinner, drink wine, and sit on my couch watching Gossip Girl. And probably looking into potential honeymoon locations, if I know me. I emailed one of my friends to invite her along on my single woman adventures, and she said "No thanks! I'm going to give blood!"
Ding ding ding! So, guess what I did on Valentine's Day? I hopped in the car with my amiga and we went to the Midtown Donation Center to give blood. There weren't many people there, so we didn't have to wait too long or anything. 1 hour and we were done! And we felt awesome! And I am not going to tell a lie, I still came home and ate an awesome dinner and drank delicious wine. I just also drank water, too. Do as I say, not as I do, ok?

Giving blood is something I tried to do as often as I could when I was in college. My dad has blood that the Red Cross wants in a bad way, so I remember being little and him giving blood all the time. When he was diagnosed with cancer, they decided his blood was no good. Fair enough. But I always said I would continue giving blood the way my dad did. Considering I am AB+, my blood donation is a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy (AB+ can only be given to AB+) which always inspires clever jokes from my friends about my selfish, self-centered tendencies, all the way down to my blood type.

This morning that same friend sent me a link to American Red Cross Racing. I'm not entirely sure what this does, but it seems like they're advertising being rewarded for giving blood, which is something I was planning to do anyway, so I'll take the rewards!

If anybody needs a blood-donating-buddy, I'm your gal! I don't get squirmy, and I have teeny tiny veins so it's always a spectacle trying to find one that will work, and I'll challenge you to a race to see who can fill up the bag faster. (Barring any vein complications, I guarantee I'll win!)

The next time I can donate is early April. Who's coming?!

PS - Thanks, E :)

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  1. great post girl :) just came across your blog! so great! xo