Thursday, February 10, 2011

FNL: Friday Night Lights :(

Newsflash: My favorite television show of all time, ever, is over.

I may have discovered this show one day while incredibly hungover and proceeded to watch 12 episodes in 12 hours, but that does not negate the importance or value of this classic American television show. And it really doesn't negate the gorgeous actors that play Coach Taylor, Matt Saracen, and Tim Riggins.  

Yes, my beloved Friday Night Lights. Anyone remember this post? In case you don't, this was the highlight:

I find myself squealing whenever I see a character from Friday Night Lights on another show (like Matty Saracen on that new doctor show... I forget what's called), and like Coach Taylor on Grey's Anatomy. Then I proceed to tweet about Friday Night Lights taking over the world. Rational is exactly how I describe myself when asked, don't worry.

I have never been one to obsess over or crush on TV or movie or really any kind of celebrities. But Tim Riggins, a completely fictional character, makes my heart skip a beat. Claire said it far more eloquently than I ever will: I'm not kidding when I say that I'd jump at the chance to marry Taylor Kitsch, having never met him, based solely on his portrayal of Tim Riggins. Wouldn't think twice.

If you didn't just crumble inside, then you have no heart. What I love about this (fictional) man: his drawl, his wild side, how he loved Lila without abandon, his dedication to friendship, the way he called Matt "Seven," his cowboy boots, his truck, and his shaggy hair and scruffy face. 

Do you have a celebrity crush as clearly out of control as me?

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  1. haha, i was the same way with aidan from sex & the city.