Wednesday, February 16, 2011

leopard print

I have acquired all of the following things in 2011. That's 6 weeks. 
That's 1 leopard print item per every 2 weeks. 

And yes....

Disclaimer: These aren't mine, and I don't remember where I found the picture! I have a pair that are verrrrrry similar from Fab'rik!
 A second pair of flats. I HAVE A PROBLEM!

I am the furthest thing from fashion forward basically... ever, so am I incredibly behind the times? Do I need to keep my leopard print flats and my shirt and all my other leopard print things hidden at home with my snuggie?

Speaking of, I really hope that snuggie isn't getting tossed out by my roommate with my extra fabric.


  1. i never wear animal print, but i bought this dress/tunic over the weekend.

    i actually wore it out sunday with cropped leggings + ballet falts + got tons of compliment. maybe the animal print bug has bitten me, too?!

    love the last pair of flats, by the way. super chic + vintage-looking!

  2. Who makes the pair of flats you are wearing in the 4th picture? I have been looking for some really comfy, cute flats and although I love the target ones they no longer have enough support in the soles for me.

  3. I bought an awesome Kathy Van Zeeland leopard purse on sale on Black Friday and I love it!

    I also <3 those flats you're wearing in the last picture :)