Friday, February 11, 2011

Oysterfest 2011 aka v.3

Remember last year when I went to the Oysterfest? Only my wonderful friends would agree to go to Oysterfest again with me this year based on the fact that I can't STAND getting my hands dirty, so they have to shuck my oysters for me. It's not laziness, I swear! Although this year I am coming prepared with sanitary wipes.
Anyway, I am super pumped about Oysterfest and unlike most years, the Park Tavern event is actually taking place BEFORE the Steamhouse one. I guess this just means I'll actually have to step out of my comfort zone and go to an Oysterfest I have never been to before. The horror! Actually, I've never been to an event at Park Tavern aside from that one disastrous semi-formal my sophomore year of college, and that can't even be counted anymore, can it? 5 year rule, please!

I was talking with Buckhead Betty the other night, and we both agreed that we don't love Spiral events, but I guess I'll make an exception this time. I really do love oysters, live music, and pretty weather THAT MUCH.

Now, who wants to give me free tickets? Those suckers are expensive! Happy weekend!

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