Sunday, February 22, 2009

#5: I hate getting my hands dirty.

I could never be a bartender because I would have to constantly wash all the stickiness off my hands. I suck at foods that are supposed to be "finger foods" because I typically eat them with a fork, or else I go through nine thousand napkins trying to keep my hands clean while eating. Ex: hot wings. I eat them with a fork and one finger, and even then I get dirtier than I prefer. My way of eating chicken wings irritates a lot of people.

I clean out underneath my fingernails at least twice a day, and feel like I am constantly washing my hands to get SOMETHING off of them.

Yesterday we went to Oysterfest, and I wanted so badly to shuck my own oysters, because let's be honest, there is a sense of satisfaction in doing that. Well, I shucked about 3 before I quit becaue I had used 9 moist towelettes and my hands still weren't clean enough. Instead someone else just shucked for me and I ate the delicious oysters.

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