Tuesday, February 24, 2009

#6: I really enjoy talking on the phone (and in general).

You know how some people say they just aren't phone people? I'm not one of them. I truly enjoy talking on the phone, I like listening on the phone, and I am just in general a phone person. In fact, I even recently purchased a new phone because I use mine so much!

On top of being a serious phone person, it really bugs me when people aren't phone people. I get seriously irritated. I realize that this is a personal problem and nothing more, but come on -- is it that hard to pick up the phone and make a phone call?

I think half the reason I enjoy talking on the telephone so much is because I have so much to say. Just how much do I talk? Let's take today for example:

25 minutes at 9am - Shayelyn (boss)
20 minutes at 12noon - Amanda
30 minutes at 1pm - Mom
30 minutes at 2:30pm - Mom
1 hour at 8pm - TEFL Institute
15 minutes at 8:55pm - Mom
20 minutes at 9:15pm - Greg
45 minues at 10pm - Dad
20 minutes at 11pm - Amanda


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