Saturday, February 12, 2011

I bought these while I was in Florida over Christmas.

Smith Sport Optics Sunglass SC Cookie Tort S-COPPBRTT

They came with a nifty little pink case just like the ones below that I diligently kept them in so they didn't get scratched.

Well, somewhere between opening presents and playing with the dog I misplaced my nifty little sunglasses case. So tonight while the rest of the world is celebrating Valentine's Day and/or drinking some bubbly, I'll be at home in my snuggie sewing a glasses pouch (or 5) a la this tutorial combined with this tutorial.

my second project!
 How freaking adorable is that? I'll report back when I'm all done. In the meantime, I hope the rest of you enjoy your Valentine's Dinners and bubbly. I've got some sunglasses to protect.

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  1. I only buy cheap sunglasses now, since the ONE TIME I had a fancy pair (these beautiful tortoiseshell Chanels), they got washed away in the ocean in San Diego on the 4th of July. OH it was so sad. So now I buy $10 sunglasses that I can easily replace. But if I had any worth protecting, I'd be all about your cute case!