Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mission: Save My Sunglasses

Sunday morning, while I wasn't slaving over a hot stove making buffalo chicken dip, I was entrenched in my newest sewing project. Nevermind that it took me two tries to get it right, I got it right and I'm obsessed.

Anybody have any glasses they need a little pocket for? I'm in the market for customers!
Can you see the SCRATCH?!

Attempt #1 - Fail. I forgot to sew the top together before sewing the sides. 

1. Measure felt that will fold over the sunglasses.

2. Cut fabric to match size of felt. 

3. Discard excessive amounts of extra fabric. Leave them on your dining room floor for approximately 7 days and hope that your roommate doesn't kick you out. 

4. Sew the felt & the fabric together on one side. 

5. Get your bobbin tangled approximately 98039248 times. Scream. Threaten to throw the sewing machine out the window. Then re-thread your bobbin 98039248 times. 

6. Consult your trusty tutorial. 

7. Sew on the felt decoration if you must. 

8. TA DA! 
Happiest sunglasses I've ever seen!

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