Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend, why do you come and go so quickly?

This weekend was the kind of weekend where I was happy to spend time with friends, hang out at home, and do everything in between.

I ran much-needed errands, like depositing checks at the bank.

And bought things like new makeup. (I'm loving what I bought!)

I finally got my men's watch re-sized (I needed 2 links taken out)

I got my car worked on (and spent $300...stupid car shops)

I went to dinner with some girlfriends at a new restaurant (and my friend developed a new low-carb pizza eating strategy...) in a new-to-me neighborhood. I haven't spent any time in Inman Park, but don't fret my pets, I'll be back. There are more restaurants to try...

...and more comedy shows to see! We checked out improv at Dad's Garage...if you haven't been, run, don't walk. It was HILARIOUS.

I cut coupons and snuggled up with my beloved P-Dub's new book.

See aforementioned snuggling up. Leopard print snuggie, yes please.

I caught up on my DVR. 2 whole episodes of Gossip Girl, plus 1 Grey's Anatomy, and toss in a little Big Bang Theory and all was right in my world again.

I drank green juice. It looks gross, it tastes good. But a word to the wise - don't juice celery. BLECH.

I made homemade almond butter on my brand new food processor. It rules.

That's how excited I was when I opened said food-processor. Notice my sister's unexcitement in the background. I can't believe it took me over a month to open and use this fancy contraption!

(It should also be noted that this photo was a re-enactment of me opening my gifts. There are more where that one came from. My sister, in all her doom & gloom Eeyore-esque glory, wouldn't let me photograph the opening of the Christmas presents, so I forced my dad to take pictures of me re-opening my presents. Are you judging me yet?)

I watched football on dueling televisions, and wondered which one would look better in my living room... my friend has generously offered to loan me one...or I'm hoping he will!

And another friend's dog insisted we watch the Puppy Bowl. Packed house for kitty halftime!

I cheered for the Packers because I prefer green & yellow to black & yellow, and also because I had to choose my midwest roots. Go Pack Go!


  1. So jealous of the food processor! I've wanted one for years and it mysteriously never fits into my budget or gets gifted to me. sigh.