Saturday, September 18, 2010

Best TV Show EVER

Some people know this about me, some don't. If you follow me on Twitter then you probably know how in love I am with this show. Only the first & second season. It started being aired again on ABC Family, and I obviously recorded it even though I've already watched seasons 1-4 (in like 3 days, but that was a different time in my life. I've moved on from that lifestyle. Kinda.) Well, the episodes on ABC Family weren't coming fast enough, so I've parked myself in my bed in front of my computer and am watching Netflix Instant Streaming of Season 1. And probably as much of Season 2 as I can get to before I have to go do whatever it is I'm supposed to do on a Saturday night. If you have't watched Friday Night Lights yet... get to it.

Ps: For the ladies, Tim Riggins vs. Matt Saracen. I'm a Timmy Riggins girl ALL DAY LONG. Obvs we're the perfect couple.
(And obvs I need a new job where I have more to do than Photoshop myself into pictures with celebrities. Don't judge. Well, go ahead and judge, because I would.)

I'm going back to watching fake football, because apparently the real football I'm watching is SUCKING. Ugh.


  1. OMG I LOVE IT!!!!! i have googled every image of Tim Riggins, Taylor Kitsch, Tim Riggins shirtless, Taylor Kitsch sex tape, etc . . . and I always come up empty. Except for the beautiful beautiful pictures.

    He is the hottest person in the world, hands down. I can hardly stand it.