Tuesday, September 21, 2010


There are approximately 890432 reasons why I love the city I have resided in for the last 6 years, and the state I have inhabited for the last 20 years, but today I am going to share just 1 of them with you.

I was reading Jessie's most recent post about her trip to Maine, and from it I deduced that NY was not a part of New England. Jigga what? As far as my southern belle brains were concerned, that whole area "up there" was New England. And the North. And the Northeast.  North = Northeast = New England.


So, for your information... 
1. North = anything above the Mason-Dixon line. 
2. Northeast = New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, & the dirty Jerzzzz
3. New England = Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont & Rhode Island

Am I the only apparently geographically challenged idiot who didn't know these facts? Probably. 

Whatever, weird northerners. I'll claim my Midwest roots but I fully commit myself to be a Southern girl, through and through. Nothin's that complicated 'bout the south, anyway.

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  1. haha i love that you made a whole post about this. i don't think you're alone in not having known this information though!