Thursday, September 9, 2010

Top Ten Thursday

In preschool, we had 2 choices for a drink with our snack: apple juice and water. I could digress into a monologue about how much I hate apple juice, but instead I'll suffice to say I chose water. I attribute my water-drinking skills now to Grace Presbyterian Preschool and the choice they forced me to make. Because now, 20+ years later, I still choose water 9 times out of 10. Well, that and because my wonderful mother-dearest is a cheapskate who NEVER let us order soda when we went out to eat, and I mean NEVER. Even now, as a full-grown adult... no sodas allowed at dinner. But my mom's frugality is another story for another day...

Today's Top Ten Thursday is dedicated to the reasons why you, too, should choose water.

10. It's always free.
9. It makes your skin shine! I seriously notice when I haven't consumed enough water because I start getting more blemishes on my face!
8. You can carry around a cool looking thermos and be environmentally friendly.
7. If you drink 87 glasses of water a day at work like I do, you end up having to go to the bathroom 890432 times a day, and therefore probably get at least a 10 minute break every hour just in going to the bathroom. They can't deny you a potty break, can they? BONUS!
6. Getting up to get those glasses of water also can attribute to approximately 10 minutes per hour of your work day, especially if you have particularly long-winded coworkers who like to linger by the water source.
5. You feel like you are having a real treat when you drink anything other than water.
4. You save that extra $2-$4 on a drink at dinner so you can get an appetizer or dessert!
3. If you drink a lot of water during the week you are just preparing your hydration for the weekend when you thoroughly dehydrate yourself through lots of exercise... or copious amounts of non-water beverages (I never said I only drink water on the weekends, too!)
2. You can add awesome flavor to it with just a little piece of fruit!
1. It's just so great for you, how could you not insist on drinking a glass of water at every opportunity?

Anyone else drink more water than they could possibly imagine and waste at least 30% of their day getting water, going to the bathroom, or thinking about either activity? Because I do (and my amiga Jessie does!), and in fact some people at work have even noticed... and a while ago someone commented on it, and then I mentioned that smokers probably waste even more time than me thinking, worrying about, and actually smoking, and they shut up. I am developing and encouraging a GOOD HABIT, a HEALTHY HABIT. Can you say the same about your smoky, smelly breathed, excessive break-taking employees? That's what I thought.

So, today's lessons: Drink water, don't smoke. The end!


  1. just got your comment.

    we all indulge in personal things at work.

    this is a different example. the ceo of the company. huge back story here. he is not working from home. 4 of us work here. we all know who does the works.

    however, i appreciate you pointing out the positive on this but there really is not one in this case.

    he is a piece of work and i hope one day he can see how his behavior is hurting the others around him.


  2. fun fact that i recently heard- if you drink orange juice with your fast food meals, you retain less off the fat or something that you eat. its actually better for you than water!
    also, you are wrong. grace presbyterian had three choices: water, apple juice, and MILK. obviously i would know this.