Thursday, September 2, 2010

Top Ten Thursday

A combo from 2 of my favorite bloggers, I present you with Top [Ten] Thursday! Maybe this will be a regular thing, maybe it won't who knows. But, in honor of today being the kick-off of college football (my favorite season!), we're going to talk about tailgating. As an alumnus of a southern school, I think my tailgating skills are pretty facerockin'. Or at least my friends know how to throw a good party!

Top 10 Things to Bring to/Have at a Tailgate:
10. Tunes -- No tailgate is complete without a tailgate playlist.
9. Jim Beam (or other form of whiskey) -- I'm not a whiskey drinker, but it still smells like gameday!
8. Beer pong table -- at some point last season our food table transformed into a BP table. Food in the middle, cups on the ends. Two birds, one stone!
7. Koozies -- key in tailgating, gotta keep the brews cold!
6. A tent to tailgate beneath -- Out of the sun/cold/rain, and a centralized location for everyone to congregate.
5. A flag from your alma mater! -- Gotta let everyone know who you're rooting for!
4. Delicious eats -- burgers, brats, veggies, chips & dip... mmm!
3. Tailgate games -- bocce, bags, cards, whatever floats your boat!
2. Tailgate chairs -- who doesn't love sitting around in your tailgate chairs drinking a cold one?
1. Beers (funnel optional) -- no explanation needed :)

Happy Football Season! Did I miss any tailgating essentials?

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