Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just Because

Because I am exercising my right to a mental health day today, and because I'm feeling indulgent, and well.. just because, here are some things on my wishlist.

1. This giant screen to put on my balcony and ward off the dust that the trains that drive right by my house stir up. That way, I can sit and enjoy my balcony without hacking up a lung. Unfortch, because this isn't my house, and because who knows where I will end up next, this badboy will remain on my wishlist until who knows when.

Bamboo Folding Screen can be found HERE

2. Nikon D3000 DSLR camera. I am not 100% sold that this is the exact version of a DSLR that I want, but I'm pretty confident that I want to go with a Nikon, and based on the reviews I have read, this is the best model for a beginner (i.e. me). This is the item on this list I am most seriously considering purchasing because I think it will get the most use and I will enjoy it the most. I am resident picture taker amongst my friends, always have been, so why not upgrade?
3. These cowboy boots. I bought my previous pair of cowboy boots at Aldo following a particularly fabulous night at my favorite fraternity house in college with Peanut and her cronies. I have literally worn those boots out, to the point that once on my feet, they don't really come off that well, as evidenced by the night that I slept with 1 boot on. Although I'll never get rid of them, I really need a new pair. And, have no fear, my feet shall never go cowboy-boot-less. I bought them last weekend!
4. (A little hint at a post I have coming up later this week!) I am looking for new sewing projects! I am now on sewing machine #2 because apparently my curtain-making was a little too much for sewing machine #1. But, all is well, and I am seeking out new projects. It's a little early to start my Christmas sewing, even for me. But that doesn't mean I haven't already purchased presents for half my family...
What are on your wishlists? Are they practical, absurd, necessary, or just your wants?
On that note, I'm going to enjoy the 2 hours I have left of my mental health day. I forgot that I agreed to run carpool & after-school pickup today for the kids I babysit for, so my mental health day is being cut short. Not the end of the world, really... I could stand to make a little money today! Happy Tuesday!


  1. Are you taking up photography? I've been wanting to, too. This camera has been on my list for a month or so now: http://eyots.tumblr.com/post/919964884/used-panasonic-lumix-dmc-gf1-so-this-is-my

    I kinda want someone to do it with, though, so let me know if you end up getting it and we can learn together.

    Oh, and if you sign up for Aldo's VIP club thing they send you an email for 10% off everything.


  2. I love that camera, I want one too. But I sadly know that I'll never really have the time to take up another hobby.

  3. @B - i want to. i have a craptastic 3 year old point & shoot right now, and i told myself i would wait until it fell apart and then decide what to do at that point. i plan to have both a P&S as well as a DSLR eventually. i remember seeing that one on your blog. and thanks for the heads up about aldo... would have been nice before the $150 i spent on those boots! haha.

    @megan - i wonder if i would have time, either.

  4. a successful career, and a wonderful vacation!

    thanks for commenting on my blog. that's a great idea, watching the last song while working on my projects. i've tentatively planned a date with miley for this weekend! :)

  5. The D3000 is what I use! Highly recommended :)