Monday, November 15, 2010

The 4 Emotions of Men.

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A friend said to me recently, "Men have four emotions: happy, mad, sad, and hungry." This wasn't a jab at men, but an attempt to console me when I complained that certain men in my life "don't appreciate me." Whatever that means, because as the complainant I'm not really sure I even understand. Our conversation continued from there into a wide variety of other topics, but her vast generalization about the emotions of men really leaves little to be desired, right? But, this friend is pretty wise, and has never really led me astray, so I took what she said and accepted it for the generalization that it was - pretty true in most cases, but as with anything else, not always.

Imagine my surprise when shortly after that conversation, one of my other-gendered friends shoots me a gchat that requests an answer to a "slightly strange, random question." My first thought was, "OK, what are you happy/mad/sad/hungry about now you unappreciative little monster?" I was clearly rational.

He then proceeds to ask about a particular night when he & I went out on the town. More specifically, he asked what he was wearing on said particular night. Uhh, ok? Just kidding, I knew exactly why he was asking me. 1, I am resident photographer so I might have photographic evidence, and 2, he showered and got ready at my house that night, so it would only make sense that I remember what he wore.

Just a tip, but I can't remember what I wore yesterday, let alone what you wore 3 weeks ago. Except, I did. And I told him, and he agreed even though we weren't 100% positive. As an afterthought, I asked why in God's name did he, a male, a person who only got mad, sad, happy & hungry, need to know what he was wearing on a random Saturday night 3 weeks ago?

Because he has a date with a lovely young lady he met that night, and he didn't want to show up wearing the same shirt as the night they met, because obviously that would be a dating faux pas. Instead we decided the proper shirt & shoes for him to wear and I demanded that he notify me where he was going to take her as soon as he decided, and that he should probably call me afterward so I can find out how it goes. I thought about offering to come over and take pictures before they left, but I thought that might be a little to high school prom-esque. I'm really regretting that decision right about now.

I guess wearing the same thing twice explains my lack of 2nd dates. If only I could figure out how to explain away my lack of 1st dates... maybe the other gender is too busy feeling 1 of 4 emotions to hang out with my unappreciated self.

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  1. I never pay attention to what I wore when, so I'm probably more than guilty of wearing the same thing twice...a lot. But that's okay with me. If someone is going to judge me and hold my clothes against me, instead of basing their opinions of me on ME, then that's fine. I don't want them anyways! Haha

    You should've gone and taken prom-style pictures, if anything just to freak the date out haha