Sunday, November 7, 2010


I collect spoons.

My sister collects bells.

Roxxy collects shot glasses. Roxxy also gave up shots as her New Years Resolution, but that's another story for another day.

Why do we collect things? I collect spoons because I am the oldest child, and my grandma collected spoons. Then, my mom inherited her spoon collection. And one day, I'll inherit both of their spoon collections, and on and on and on. I have a spoon from nearly every place I have ever traveled in my whole life. San Fransisco, Hong Kong, NYC, and Duluth, MN, just to name a few. When I lived in Spain, my friends stole a tea spoon (literally, it was brought out with someone's tea) for me to keep. My other grandparents tried to get in on the spoon action by bringing me spoons from places they had been. I guess I put the kibash on that because it ended about as quickly as it started. You can't collect things from places you haven't been, it's practically un-American.

My friends like to make fun of the spoons that hang on the wall next to my bathroom, but those damn spoons are probably my favorite posession. They remind me of my family, of my friends, of the places I have been, and of all the places I have yet to go. I could sit and organize and re-organize my spoons for hours and I really just sit and smile. I think it's because my spoons are so much more than just stupid spoons with the names of cities on them. They remind me of how lucky I am and of how loved I am.

What do you have that reminds you of home, of the people you love, and of the people who love you? Because I really believe that everybody should have something. Even if it's an overpriced utensil.

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  1. my mom collects spoons!

    i collect concert ticket stubs lol. i guess i don't really "collect" things, but i do go in themes. i'm on an owl kick right now, and i also like wooden mushrooms (i have 3 of varying sizes). i would say i also collect wine and pint glasses from wineries and breweries we've visited.

    i also collect books i suppose. i have a ton, esp counting all my children's books.