Thursday, November 11, 2010

Top Ten Thursday

I am so guilty of being a ghost-reader on many of the bajillions of blogs I follow. Especially with some of the more popular blogs, I feel like my comment is just one in a million and will the owner really notice my measly little comment? But what a crappy way to look at it! A few months ago I challenged myself to comment more on the blogs I read and enjoy on a regular basis. The ones I look forward to seeing an update from, and the ones I find myself thinking about over the course of a day. I've made pretty good on my promise, though I definitely have some room for improvement. My objective was simple.

I told myself that if I found myself commenting out loud or thinking something, I would leave that comment on the entry. Otherwise, I'd move on.

Kind of like a conversation, if I had something to say I'd contribute it, otherwise I'd keep my mouth shut. I'm really good at keeping my opinion to myself, just ask my friends. Especially when it comes to their chosen person to date. FYI, this is a public apology. You know who you are.

So now, I pose that same challenge to you. Not just to comment on what I write, but comment in whatever other corners of the internet you are lurking. Do you creep around on sports message boards? Leave a comment, be a part of the conversation. Maybe mommy blogs are your thing? Kids or no kids, you like them for a reason, so let them know what you're thinking!

In case you needed more persuading... I present you my best skillz of persuasion in list form as to why you should comment on a blog. Any blog. To be clear, not just my blog, but all blogs around the world. Big ones, small ones, boy ones, girl ones, new ones and old ones. Just do it.

Why You Should Comment

1. "Meet" & get to know people (other commenters or the blogger themself) who have similar interests or opinions to those of your own.
2. You probably have something intelligent, witty, or otherwise appropriate to contribute
3. Most bloggers intend their topics to be conversation starters. I already know what I think. I want to know what you think!
4. Sometimes there are contests, and you could win something!
5. I think 99% of bloggers, big or small, read every single comment they get. You are noticed.
6. I/We want to write about what you want to hear about, but I/we can't do that without your help.
7. I like to know who's reading! Although I can't cater everything I write to my audience, if I know that I have 50% male readership, well then I'll probably ix-nay the ampon-alk-tay. Kapeesh...ay?
8. It's a way to judge the number of people reading, too. I mean, I get 2 comments but 100+ page views. I went to Georgia Tech, I can add, and that doesn't add up.
9. It might strike a chord with you, and next thing you know, you'll be blogging away too.
10. I just want to be really clear - this is not some sort of plea for more people to comment on my blog specifically. I know (for the most part) who reads & I am quite pleased with the way things are going in my not-so-secret-life.

It is just a general request on behalf of the "blogging community" and a little bit of a pay it forward. I also wanted you to know that even though I blog, I also feel a lot of the same things I mentioned above, and find myself not commenting because I figure the author won't notice or care. Well, I think wrong, and so do you! This is your chance to tell the world what you really think, the only chance you'll ever get in a hundred million years so damnit what are you waiting for?

No? That didn't work? Alright then, I rest my case :)


  1. I'm guilty -- I'm the biggest lurker I know. It isn't even rational -- I enjoy reading comments (so much!) in the blogs I love, so I'm not sure why I don't contribute more. I'm going to make an effort to start doing this going forward :)

  2. i love comments! i also enjoy when the blogger takes time to answer each comment as well (unless they get like 100+ comments a day, which some do!).

  3. I have definitely done the same thing, and I, too, have recently committed myself to ACTUALLY commenting instead of just mentally doing so.

    I know every blogger loves getting comments, regardless of whether they get 1 or 1,000. I love when an author of a popular blog takes the time to reply specifically to you, whether it be to answer questions or thank you for your time.

    I will definitely take part in this challenge with you!